$119 Per Month, Per Vet.


    That’s it.  No, there are no hidden fees.  There are no start up software costs.  There are no expensive gadgets or hardware or equipment items that your practice needs to buy in order to run Hippo Manager cloud based veterinary practice management software.

    Why?  We’re in the cloud.  That’s how Hippo Manager can offer unlimited patients and data.  That’s how we’re poised to work with your veterinary practice both big and small.  That’s how we’re able to effectively help manage practices owned by mobile DVMs and why we’re ready, every step of the way, to grow with your veterinary practice.

    That’s how we charge only one low fee per month per vet.  It doesn’t matter if your clinic needs to add a tech or an intern or several users to your account, we only charge per vet.  $60 per vet per month.  Billed annually!  The longer you secure your low fee contract with Hippo Manager, the longer your veterinary practice receives our low price of $60 per month per vet.

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    If our prices increase and your veterinary practice has signed a one, two, five or more year contract, your prices are guaranteed to never increase by more than 10% at the end of each contract period.

    Do you have thousands of patient files that you need to convert to Hippo Manager?  Easy. It’s a one time fee for converting all this data into Hippo Manager software systems, so that when you log on for the first time in Hippo, you don’t skip a beat!  Questions about conversions?  Give us a quick call on 877-819-0159 to discuss if a data conversion is right for your practice.

    Don’t have data to convert or files that you need to keep or perhaps, you’re just opening up your veterinary practice?  You can get started in MINUTES.  Yes, minutes.  As long as you have internet access and a chrome browser, Hippo Manager is less than two clicks away.

    Try a free demo by clicking the image above or here, and you can call us on 877-819-0159 to set up your free 30 day trial.

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