After Hours Training and Demos

    You’re busy – we get that.

    We know that Veterinary Practice staff are busy during regular business hours seeing patients so offering after hours training and demos of our veterinary software is crucial to time management of our clients.  We know that a lot of our Veterinary Practice partners are busy seeing patients after-hours, on weekends and in the field.  At Hippo Manager, we know veterinary practice needs, and as customizable and as flexible is our software is to meet your needs, so is our demo and trial schedule.

    Our dedicated experts are on stand-by to schedule a demo for your veterinary practice and your staff during regular business hours, during lunch hour, after your hours, after our hours and on weekends if that is what suits you best.

    After Hours Training and Demos

    What time is good for YOU?

    Hippo Manager operates regular business hours for inquiries, technical support and customer service M-Sa 8a-8p EST.  However, should your veterinary practice need additional training, or, you’re new to Hippo Manager and you’d like to schedule a demo after your field visits are complete in the evening, OR, your office is open Saturdays and it’s just simply, the best time for you.

    No problem.

    Reach out to us or call 877-819-0159 to schedule your free demo, set up your free 30 day trial or schedule some training.  If you request a demo today online before 4pm EST, we can schedule your veterinary practice for Hippo Manager software walk-thru within 2 hours, or not.  Just as it suits you, your staff, your patient needs and your veterinary practice.

    We’re flexible, customizable and great to work with – just like our software!

    Hippo Manager Veterinary Practice Software is customizable to each of our practice partners, and so is our schedule.  Which is another reason why we offer after hours training and demos of our software! We operate according to our partner needs, we know vets and their staff see a variety patients in a variety of settings, so our staff at Hippo Manager is available to conduct a demo, offer training, update new staff members, at your convenience.

    Try a free demo today, and schedule it according to your calendar.  We’ll be available and we’ll be happy to show you how Hippo Manager can be your veterinary practice software partner and stay flexible and customizable to your specific veterinary practice needs.

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