Increasing Appointment Compliance w/ Postcard Reminders


    Increasing appointment compliancy to meet and exceed veterinary industry benchmarks is vital to the growth of every veterinary practice.  Adapting the use of reminders through your practice management software partner is a must-have component of the software in assisting your practice to meet these industry standards. Partnering with a full service practice management software like Hippo Manager that can provide this service as a built-in add on feature, is a cost efficient approach to increasing your practice appointments and thus, your veterinary practice bottom line.  Learn how to incorporate this into your best practices today, click here.

    A staggering number of veterinarians DO NOT utilize reminders at all for their practices, missing out on LOST INCOME EVERY YEAR!  Just enabling reminders however, won’t fix the gaps the veterinary practices can see in lost income.  Choosing a practice management software partner that can provide an efficient and cost effective method of reminders for clients that meets industry guidelines as well as shows ROI for practices, is a very important first step. Stop losing profits NOW, click here to get reminder postcards for your practice!

    mailed postcard reminders


    Veterinary practice clients are busy, just like the veterinary professionals who see their pets, so it’s important to be able to use a reminder strategy that breaks through the clutter.  Research shows that when practices COMBINE a reminder strategy for their clients such as email AND mailed postcard reminders, appointment compliancy increases and not to mention, customer loyalty. Combining email reminders and mailed postcard reminders is now a service Hippo Manager offers its clients as part of a full service practice management software solution.  See here for more details.

    Increasing Appointment Compliancy

    Reminding your clients that their pet is due for a checkup or, other appointment type is an investment in your veterinary practice bottom line. The business function of reminders is cyclical in producing profit and increasing patient care. Equipment and training is critical to providing the best care you can to all your patients, as are reminders critical to communicating to your patient owners to take the next step in continuing care for their pet.  This adds to your veterinary practice profit margin, so your practice can continue to provide the equipment and training necessary for excellent patient care.

    veterinary software reminder postcards

    Paired with Hippo Manager’s already built-in email reminders, adding postcard reminders can help your practice increase appointments and drive profits! Sign up here!

    For each mailed post card reminder, veterinary practices partnering with Hippo Manager can breathe a sigh of relief as all costs including postage and handling are included in the competitive price.  Each postcard features a high quality design and customized information as well as patient and owner specific criteria alongside branded veterinary practice information. Learn more now, click here.

    If the average veterinary practice mails approximately 250 reminder postcards each month, when partnering with Hippo Manager, just ONE booked appointment generated from the use of postcard reminders, gives the veterinary practice IMMEDIATE return on investment MORE THAN covering the cost of the 250 mailed postcards.


    mailed postcard reminders

    A marketing tactic for veterinary practices that produces an IMMEDIATE ROI with just ONE booked appointment?  It’s not too good to be true, click here to sign up for postcard reminder service with Hippo Manager.

    Not yet a Hippo Manager client?  Click here to start your free trial today and learn more on increasing appointment compliancy by pairing built-in email reminders and mailed postcard patient reminders.  Call 877-819-0159 to talk to a Hippo Manager expert between 8a-8pEST Mon-Sat.

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