April 2019 Free Training Webinars


    Save your seat for some of our most popular topics for the upcoming April 2019 free training webinars! We’ll tackle lab integrations in Hippo Manager as well as getting all your files stored and organized.

    Topics for April 2019 Free Training Webinars

    Lab Integrations in Hippo Manager.

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    (no, not the cute kind, the science kind)

    IDEXX labs are now directly integrated into Hippo Manager.  Tuesday, April 9th at 2p EST our training team will show you how to request and reconcile labs in our veterinary software.  Your practice staff will learn how the direct integration works and the simple steps that it takes to link the results to the patient profile.

    Why integrate with labs?

    First of all, it makes patient care seamless. It also enables a practice to offer services for both in-house and reference labs using IDEXX. As a result, patient care is well-rounded and the practice can offer more services and features to clients.

    Easily connect your lab account from within our veterinary software platform.  It’s so simple to link the results to the correct patient profile. Learn the steps to integrate with our built-in labs so you can reduce data errors and more!

    Learn more about our current lab integration with IDEXX, here.

    April 2019 Free Veterinary Software Tuesday Training 19th

    When: Tuesday 4/9 2p EST
    Where: Online – Sign up here
    How: Listen & Learn – FREE!

    Storing All Your Files in ONE PLACE!

    Keep your ducks in a row, squirrels at their rave and your files in one place.  We’ll show you how Tuesday, April 16th at 2p EST. Sign up here.

    storing veterinary files all in one place messy desk



    storing veterinary files all in one place neat desk


    TO THIS. Ahhhh…. I can feel your headspace clearing up too!

    Storage is included and UNLIMITED with every Hippo Manager subscription!  Upload and store all DICOM files on a FREE and unlimited basis.  Similarly with word docs, PDFs and hundreds of other file types. Hippo Manager is the ONLY cloud-based veterinary software on the market to have a built-in FULL DICOM viewer.

    All audio files, video, and images are included too! Therefore, it’s easy to elevate patient care when documenting however you prefer and then storing them in one secure place.  All practice files are always available from anywhere in the world, safely.

    veterinary software file storage ducks in a row

    We feel that offering unlimited data storage takes the hassle away from vets. Searching for unlimited PACS and additional storage sites is time-consuming and costly.  Furthermore, it’s an additional third-party place you have to add to billing and remembers passwords for.

    Hippo Manager is veterinary software with this unlimited file storage.  Look no further! Who wouldn’t want patient files and data all in one neat and tidy location?

    built-in FULL DICOM viewer.

    April 2019 Free Veterinary Software Tuesday Training 16th (1)

    When: Tuesday 4/16 2p EST
    Where: Online – Sign up here
    How: No ducks needed!


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