August 2019 Free Training Webinars


    Just in time for back to school, we’ve got some learnin’ for you in our upcoming August 2019 free training webinars. Grab your favorite No.2 pencils and some fresh non-toxic markers because we’ve got some great webinars that’ll have your practice team getting A+ scores on client care and practice profits.

    Because who doesn’t want to be the star student?!?

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    Grab your erasers because it’s back to school for Inventory 101. Not just for the beginner user but for anyone who works with inventory. Furthermore, we’ll cover some inventory management basics that has everyone on the same page as well as cover functions even the best teacher’s pet could use! Join our team at your school desk on Tuesday, August 13th.

    August 2019 free training webinars are all about learning some basics and new skills! Coming up Tuesday, August 20th learn how every veterinary practice can use built-in tools to begin Telemedicine! Expand your client base and offer alternatives to patient care with Hippo Manager and telemedicine.

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    August 2019 Free Training Webinar TOPICS

    Inventory 101 – For the beginner and advanced user

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    Tuesday, August 13th 2p EST – Sign Up Here.

    Jump on our magic veterinary software school bus and let’s get everyone straight A’s in inventory management and control!  Inventory 101 is for all users. Break bad habits and get inventory best practices as a gold star on your veterinary practice report card.  Mom will be proud!

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    Learn how to properly receive inventory and make manual adjustments to items. We’ll also show you how to run reports to keep inventory management and control running smoothly! You’ll practically have an MBA in veterinary practice inventory after this edition of our August 2019 free training webinars!

    inventory 101 free training veterinary software webinar august 2019

    When: Tuesday 8/13 2p EST
    Where: Virtual school desk – Sign up here
    How: No wide-ruled paper or white-out needed. We’ll fix mistakes and get you five gold stars for Inventory 101!

    Begin Using Telemedicine at Your Practice TODAY!

    Hippo Manager has built-in tools you can begin using today to start incorporating telemedicine elements into your practice. Expand your clientele, open up new profit avenues and expand patient care.

    Tuesday, August 20th 2p EST – Sign Up Here.

    Using built-in tools in Hippo Manager our training team will show your team how to begin telemedicine.  Use 2-way text messaging with photos and video to share and expand upon patient care. Incorporate the free built-in patient portal to communicate to clients about patient care. Customize the appointment scheduler for more time dedicated to telemedicine hours and MORE!


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    Get better work-life balance with telemedicine basics, become more flexible with patient care!

    august 2019 free training webinars telemedicine basics


    When: Tuesday 8/20 2p EST
    Where: Any device, any time – Sign up here
    How: No need to go “all in” on telemedicine, start using basic elements and build as you go!

    Is Your Practice Using SMS or Text Messaging?

    Don’t know which is better or right for your veterinary practice? Check out this article!  We dive deep into the differences between 1-way reminders and 2-way text messaging.  Find out which is best for client retention, repeat business and superior patient care.

    Got questions?  Call or text our team: 877 819 0159

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