Gift Cards can Build Customer Loyalty at your Practice

    Hippo Manager has gift cards built-into our veterinary software and it’s simple to start using them to build customer loyalty at your veterinary practice!

    Gift Cards + Veterinary Practice Customer Loyalty

    Gift cards are used as a credit balance on goods or services and can be used by veterinary practices for customers when looking for a way to discount a future service.  Gift cards can also provide reimbursement or, an offer to replace a transaction that might have not gone to plan.

    Gift cards in Hippo Manager are electronically stored.  No need to create plastic waste or, use paper unnecessarily, keep a record of the gift card balance and transactions electronically and provide the customer with an email receipt of the gift card actions.

    Drive customer loyalty from gift cards with these simple steps:

    • Offer gift cards specific to a service or item at your veterinary practice.  Link the gift card balance with a frequently purchased item versus just a random amount.  This ties the gift card to a real value and tangible item increasing the likelihood that they will come back for that purchase and also purchase additional goods and services at that visit!
    • Send an offer to purchase gift cards at a discounted rate to encourage clients to come back in for a service using the gift card.
    • Provide gift cards as a way for clients to refer your veterinary practice to new clients.
    • When a visit hasn’t gone to plan, use a gift card with a credited amount to “make up” for a previous visit.  Keep those customers coming back!
    • Offer small increment gift cards as incentives to book future appointments.
    • Add to the gift card balance in small increments as a “customer loyalty program” allowing the balance to accumulate for a larger more costly item.

    great uses for veterinary practice gift cards infographic

    Veterinary Practice Client Loyalty & Retention

    Is so vital to the health of your veterinary practice business and growth!  Incorporating gift cards is a simple and easy way to provide a trail of loyalty and drive retention within your customer base.  Using them as referral incentives os a great way to GROW your business also!



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