Webinar: Build a Stronger Team during COVID 19



    Although COVID-19 requires us to maintain social distancing, it’s a critical time for your team to foster a sense of belonging. A well-functioning team is critical to making it through the coronavirus crisis and then thriving after.  How do you build trust and empower your team?  Are you sharing common goals on what safety means to each of you? How is your hospital making decisions on what services to provide and how to implement a standard of safety?

    Todd Marcum CMO Hippo Manager

    Dr. Todd Marcum, DVM

    Chief Medical Officer, Hippo Manager Software

    Dr. Marcum believes that great technology, efficient processes and healthy team dynamics are at the core of high performing practices. He has more than 30 years of veterinary experience divided between practicing veterinary medicine, owning and operating veterinary hospitals, and leading and developing veterinary teams. He is an early adopter of new ideas and technologies and enjoys helping other veterinary professionals meet their professional and personal goals.

    Please join us for this special webinar to:
    • Gain an understanding why and how you should lead a conversation with your team about employee safety during COVID-19.
    • Walk through the questions you should ask your team and important points that will help you keep yourself and each other healthy and safe during COVID-19.
    • Review 8 tips for workflow changes during COVID-19 and discuss the technology tools that will help your practice thrive during this crisis.
    • Hear from two veterinary hospital leaders on the successes and challenges they’ve encountered in day-to-day operations during COVID-19.
    • Ask questions and share your team experiences during COVID-19


    Check out the Team Meeting Toolkit – COVID 19 Workplace Safety Conversations, which gives you a sample agenda, prompting questions and more to host your next staff meeting on workplace safety during COVID-19.


    Recommended for:

    Veterinarians, practice managers, practice owners, vet techs, veterinary support team, receptionists.  This webinar is free, but space limited. Please register in advance.


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