New! Chart Autosave Feature + added provider types

    Chart autosave feature is now LIVE in Hippo Manager veterinary software.  Enabled for all veterinary partner practices in demo, trial or client mode, charts will auto-save in Hippo Manager, allowing for greater flexibility inside our software.

    +++ We’ve also added NEW provider types that includes groomer and technician.  Run those provider production reports by category and get an even closer look at your veterinary practice performance.  See this helpful article on how to run these reports and use them to drive more PROFITS!

    Our veterinary practice partners are busy!  Distractions with patients happens often, it only takes a quick glance away from a detailed chart note, a power mishap or an accidental click to lose your detailed notes and precious time (even though we have lots of “catch screens” to help you avoid these errors) sometimes things just, happen!  This is exactly why Hippo Manager has enabled the chart autosave feature.


    Chart autosave feature

    Veterinary software with the chart autosave feature gives users the confidence in the software being used so that never again, will precious time and data be lost inside a patient record or chart due to an unexpected event. Hippo Manager users may still use the “Apply” button to save any changes as before, but now, charts will automatically save, including all work completed inside the chart, every time a user stops typing, or, entering data, the autosave feature will work, saving all completed information.

    What clients are saying about Hippo Manager:

    Easy to learn and use. Support is excellent and included in price. Works with client to resolve problems. Exact opposite of previous support where it was $$$$$ to even say hello to support.”

    -Dr Mary H. Owner/Veterinarian

    Hippo Manager aims to provide veterinary software with the most features enabling practice efficiency so that patient care is the focus, not software.  Try us for free today, learn how Hippo Manager can do for your veterinary practice in helping you achieve your business management and client/patient goals.  877-819-1059

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