Customize, build and manage chart templates in Hippo Manager

    Your veterinary practice can customize, build and manage chart templates in Hippo Manager veterinary software to save your staff valuable time.  Spend more time with patients and less with software! Check out this time-saving unique feature to our veterinary practice management software in video, here.

    Customize, Build & Manage Chart Templates

    Chart templates in Hippo Manager are perfect for all size veterinary practices. If your practice is performing a regular type of procedure, visit, exam or series of tasks that you associate with charting a patient, utilize the build chart template feature in Hippo Manager.  Build your regular chart procedure inside our veterinary software once, by calling it “Wellness Exam – Cat”, for an example type name and procedure, then, open your chart type and select your pre-built chart from the chart menu inside the software.

    custom chart templates veterinary software

    Build a chart template by selecting the field types the procedure needs, fill out your regularly used language and utilize dynamic tags to leave fields blank that might change with each visit or exam.  For example, a dog wellness exam is likely standardized at your veterinary practice. You can have a field entry for “Current weight [insert dynamic tag here]” – this is a very simplified example of the chart template that is in use “Wellness Exam – Dog” with one area that is pre-typed “Current Weight” and every time your clinic uses the wellness exam for a dog, all you enter is the dynamic tag section, in this case, weight, which would differ with each canine patient you saw.  The Wellness Exam chart template remains the same, the variables using dynamic tags are open to be filled in, each time for each patient.

    Stop writing out charts and notes over and over with the same repetitive language, customize chart templates inside Hippo Manager and save your staff so much time with simplified entry!  Start a FREE no-obligations trial with Hippo Manager cloud veterinary software, get started in MINUTES -use existing computers, laptops, tablets and iPads – all you need is wifi/internet connection! CLICK HERE.

    Custom Chart Templates for Veterinary Software

    Chart templates are perfect for all practice types, they come in very handy when seeing patients for a regular type of visit, especially so if you are a mobile vet seeing high volume patients in the field or speciality patients in the barn!  Mobile vets love to use this feature in Hippo Manager, learn more about the features Hippo Manager offers for mobile veterinarians here.

    We get it – you’re a busy veterinary practice and don’t have time to build all your custom chart templates!  NO WORRIES! That’s why we offer free and unlimited customer support and training in all Hippo Manager cloud veterinary software packages.  $119 per vet per month includes unlimited training and support.  We can SHOW YOU in a customized one on one training session (or more, if you need it!) how to build these templates – EASY.  We can show staff members how to build chart templates on an as-needed basis and best yet, you can give us your regularly used charts and we can BUILD and CUSTOMIZE them FOR YOU!

    Check out our most recent training session that covered the ability to customize, build and manage chart templates in Hippo Manager.  Your practice can sign up for these sessions in addition to one-on-one support and training seminars.  Click here to join the next FREE online training session for Hippo Manager veterinary software.

    Hippo Manager experts are just a call or click away, talk to someone today about how our highly rated cloud veterinary software can change the way your veterinary practice operates making it more efficient, saving you time and getting your practice more profits.  Focus on patients, not on software, get a free trial here, now.  Call 877 819 0159 anytime.

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