Cloud VS Server Practice Management Software


    Cloud vs server practice management software, “Which should I choose?”  Ahhh, that question veterinary professionals around the globe still want answered.  Well, here it is, the definitive PROOF that your practice is throwing away money on antiquated hardware, procedures and systems that’s taking away your time and concentration from patients and clients.  The research is simple and straightforward that Hippo Manager cloud veterinary practice management software puts THOUSANDS of dollars BACK INTO YOUR practice, versus server systems sucking up income for costly upgrades, equipment failure, hardware installations not to mention renewal fees and licensing costs.

    Cloud VS Server Veterinary Practice Management Software – The Answer!

    We said we have proof and we mean it.  When looking at server-based systems in comparison to cloud-based Hippo Manager practice management software, the reasons are obvious why so many veterinary practices are ditching server practice software and moving swiftly to cloud practice management solutions.


    cloud vs server veterinary software

    It’s that simple.  Sure, we can list the multitude of ways you’ll save on headaches (not to mention ibuprofen), wasted staff time, the hidden fees, the unexpected bills and the surprise equipment or licensing you thought you’d taken care of but now need a renewal.  We can mention add-on services, features like, integrations and premium features that are built-into Hippo Manager, but are an “extra service” or “fee” on top of your already costly server practice management software. But, for the sake of time (we’re all about saving your practice VALUABLE time at Hippo Manager), we’ll focus on the nuts and bolts.  THE MONEY.


    cloud vs server veterinary software cost savings

    The INCOME you generate at your veterinary practice that you can put right back into your practice and patients.  This income is NO LONGER wasted on costly server-induced items associated with server-based veterinary software.  Hippo Manager can offer practices up to 90% SAVINGS* in comparison to server-based offerings.


    It’s simple.  Really.  We operate software that is AGILE, CLOUD-BASED and EFFICIENT.  Making our product, simple and affordable for veterinary practices.  Storing information and veterinary practices data in the cloud, versus directly on a laptop in an office is MORE SECURE, SAFE and ALWAYS YOURS.

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    Your data at Hippo Manager is SAFE in the cloud and ALWAYS YOURS.  Accessible from anywhere because of cloud technology, the savings generated by operating in the cloud and NOT in clunky servers in a vet office closet, or, years of storage on a laptop that crashes and all data becomes lost (all those years and patient files and information – GASP!) is never a risk for Hippo Manager veterinary practice partners.

    SO THESE SAVINGS ARE PASSED ON TO YOU.  Our veterinary practice partners.  Server practice management software can costs tens of thousands of dollars the first year and thousands after that.  Complicated pricing, licensing and more just ADDS UP, over and over.  Hippo Manager offers pricing in an UNLIMITED PACKAGE ONLY at $119 per month per vet up to 3 vets.

    Our pricing is as SIMPLE and EFFICIENT as our software.

    Hippo Manager offers DISCOUNTED pricing for non-profit partners and special Enterprise pet vet per month packages.  Call or text us for details: 877.819.0159

    Server-based software might cap your practice at a patient limit, or, require licensing for you to use Microsoft office products to write notes and keep in your software.  You can do all that built-into Hippo Manager using our program software cutting out these high costs.  Charting, inventory management, integrations, they’re all included and built-in with Hippo Manager. Best of all, we’re always adding new features, GROWING with our veterinary practice partners.

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    Hippo Manager will never penalize your practice for patients, cap your data storage, “ping” you on a monthly bill for support or training access and users are included as unlimited and free.  Hippo Manager charges per vet per month.  Regular staff, techs, volunteers etc.. are users included in the unlimited practice management software plan at only $119 per vet per month.

    Cloud VS server practice management software.  There is no comparison, the technology is ready to grow and the upfront and long-term investment is in your VETERINARY PRACTICE and NOT in your software.  Switch to Hippo Manager today and see the cost-saving and ROI almost immediately.  Get your FREE trial here.

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