Custom Report: Estimates Approval Form

    The estimates approval form has been added to custom reports in Hippo Manager veterinary software.  If your veterinary practice is looking for a way to clearly communicate to your  clientele about patient procedures, possible costs or, proposed courses of action for their pet, the estimates approval form is a great way to accomplish this.

    When to use the Estimates Approval Form

    1. When your veterinary practice is scoping out a proposed course of action for pet care involving procedures, medical care, medications and more.  The estimates approval form can act as a detailed layout of the patient care for the client, clearly communicating the medical course of action and subsequent charges.
    2. Avoid confusion with your veterinary practice clientele when understanding medical procedures and accompanying costs.
    3. Creating estimates in veterinary software can help avoid difficult payment and financial conversations with clients. Create multiple estimates in Hippo Manager to cover possible medical options when it comes to patient care.  Creating estimates can give your practice clients options to choose the best course of action for their pet under the care of your veterinary practice.  Once a final estimate has been chosen, simply utilize the estimates approval form to get your client consent for treatment of their pet.
    4. Client consent for pet treatment.  The estimates approval form clearly details procedures, medications, courses of treatments and detailed costs and information associated with patient care.  Providing the client with this detail, printing out the form and having a client sign against the estimate provides an opportunity for approval and agreement between the two parties for the chosen course of action.
    5. Client approval for pet treatment.  Using the estimates approval form allows for a signature section so that the pet owner can consent and agree to the best course of treatment for their pet.  The estimates approval form will act as a precursor to performing pet treatment and also, as a simple way to add charges to a client account.
    custom reports estimates approval form

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    How to access the Estimates Approval Form

    creating estimates in veterinary software

    You can add any custom report or form to your Home/Choose Action screen using the widgets manager.  Accessing the form without reorganizing the Choose Action screen, is simple.

    Reports - Client FormsUnder the main menu toolbar in Hippo Manager, click “Reports” and click the “Client Forms” icon.  In that folder you will locate the “Estimates Approval Form” to use.

    Estimate Approval location

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