DICOM Viewer & Veterinary PACS in Hippo Manager


    The DICOM viewer and UNLIMITED veterinary PACS in Hippo Manager is available for every subscription.

    Hippo Manager Medical Imaging - DICOM Icon

    The ability to upload hundreds of files types and upload and view DICOM files into Hippo Manager without third-party applications is immediately available. Along with that, the ability to upload video, audio,documents (PDF, Word etc.) and images into Hippo Manager and patient files and charts is instantly available.

    Hippo Manager DICOM Viewer


    Unlimited data storage in Hippo Manager w/ EVERY Subscription just got a….







    Upload and view DICOM files directly into Hippo Manager. View all three panels without third-party applications.  Upload images to the patient file, videos and audio files to document and provide greater patient detail and information.

    Supported file types include (but not limited to):

    Audio & Video file types: MP3, MP4, WMA, WMV, AVI, WAV

    Image file types: PNG, JPEG, TIFF, DICOM, GIF

    Document file types: PDF, DOC, DOX, RTF, TXT, ODT

    Fill out your patient records with the right information.  Using non-traditional methods and utilizing new technologies, you can now upload those directly into Hippo Manager and store for free.  All file types are supported and offered as part of unlimited data storage with every subscription!

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