Standardize Documentation w/ Chart Templates

    Hippo Manager makes it simple to standardize documentation with chart templates at your veterinary practice.  Prevent patient record compliance getting out of hand, solve documentation issues and bad habits, once and for all. Using chart templates can also make for better and faster veterinary patient checkouts!

    Templates give veterinary practices a pre-filled out from within which specific details can be altered and tailored to a particular patient.  Chart templates are super useful for veterinary practices that see a high volume of “typical” patient procedures and visits.

    Loading chart templates with medications associated with a common procedure and items will ease checkout.  These items prevent errors at checkout and are already accounted for so your practice doesn’t miss out on precious opportunities to properly bill!

    Let’s take a look at how to create chart templates so that documentation is consistent and standardized.

    How to Standardize Documentation with Chart Templates

    Use any of the standard, built-in templates in Hippo Manager, to get started. It’s also easy to follow our step-by-step instructions on how to set up your very own CUSTOM chart templates!  Chart templates exist so that documentation for popular procedures is a breeze. Not to mention, using chart templates can make for better veterinary patient checkouts.



    Think of all the time you’ll save with every single part of a regular procedure already documented! Every little phrase and dosing instructions can be already included in the chart with the template.  Simply fill in the blank fields using the dynamic tags with numbers or, keywords, tab across to move on and boom!

    Charting is complete and documentation is standardized because all the chart information is the same.  The chart details will then include the specific patient info such as dosage, metrics (height, weight, location) etc..

    Learn how to create, build and manage chart templates in Hippo Manager, here.

    Chart Templates & Better Veterinary Patient Checkouts

    Creating chart templates that are pre-loaded with inventory items, medications, and kits associated with a procedure can prevent errors at checkout.  It also saves a ton of time! You don’t need to add these items separately at the point of sale, the items are pre-loaded into the chart template and will automatically bill at checkout.

    Easily remove any items associated with the chart template at checkout.  It’s simple to adjust your chart template for future uses as well as edit it according to the particular patient.

    By going in and adding typical items such as medications and inventory items to the chart template, your staff will save so much time at patient checkout!  Another way chart templates save your practice and staff time AND money!

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