Dragon Veterinary Integration


    Hippo Manager now offers Dragon Veterinary integration enabling veterinary practice partners to begin service with Dragon, seamlessly update chart notes and more, via hands-free voice dictation.

    View the press release and integration announcement, here.

    Dragon Veterinary Integration – hands-free voice dictation

    Speech to text and hands-free voice dictation are not new technologies to the everyday consumer, however, this type of technology is only just now being harnessed by the veterinary professional as more streamlined and efficient way of doing business, alongside optimal patient care.

    Veterinary practice management software with voice dictation is a service Hippo Manager can proudly offer all veterinary practice partners with the Dragon Veterinary integration.  The simple add-on through Dragon operates seamlessly inside Hippo Manager veterinary software.  To get started with a demo from Dragon Veterinary, click here.

    Update chart notes, appointments, medications and anywhere in Hippo Manager that allows for free form text, now, through Dragon, these areas can be controlled via voice and hands-free dictation.

    Watch the short video below (or, here) on how Dragon works effortlessly in Hippo Manager veterinary software through this practice enhancement.



    Hippo Manager is the largest independently owned veterinary practice management software provider in the United States, suiting practices of all sizes and specialities.  Hippo Manager offers a no-obligations free trial that can be started online at any time, start today, click here.

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