End of Year - Reflect and Regroup Series

    As 2021 comes to a close, we encourage you to reflect on the past year's performance as well as identify areas for growth in '22.

    To help, over the next four weeks we will be sharing our go to Hippo Manager reports to ensure 2022 gets off to a great start.

    Let's begin our data journey with a birds eye view of how your practice has performed, using the Core Performance Trackers.

    These graphical summaries can be found in the Reports tab:

    Performance Tracker snagit

    Where you will find options for a by practice as well as by individual(s) view:

    These Trackers are designed to be run quarterly and so populate in 12 week increments. If this is your first time running them this year however, no worries! For a full year snapshot, simply back date to 1/1/21 and run a total of 4 times.

    The Practice Performance Tracker is a great place to start for a review of weekly revenue versus prior year.

    practice performance 1

    You'll also see an overview of average provider charge, new clients, and treated patients.

    practice performance 2

    The Individual Provider Performance Tracker provides all of the same metrics as the Practice Performance Tracker, but focused on an individual provider. This report allows you to hone in on how each of the providers in your practice are contributing.

    individual tracker 1

    individual compilation -1

    Last but certainly not least, you can also use the Provider Team Performance Tracker to compare these same metrics across multiple providers in your practice. 

    Team 1

    With the Performance Tracker reports in hand you should have a great birds eye view of how your practice performed this year versus last as well as how each member of the team contributed.

    We encourage you to share your findings with your team. Together set a growth goal for 2022 and task the team with coming up with their own personal goal(s) as well!

    Come back next week as we dive into performance by Client!

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