Hippo Manager is now a Fear Free Preferred Product


    The mission of Free Free™ is “to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety & stress in pets by inspiring and educating the people who care for them.”

    We believe in this mission and see an important alliance with our core values at Hippo Manager. Karen Scott, who is an account sale representative at Hippo Manager, is a Fear Free certified professional.  Here’s how she described why she chose to pursue this certification:

    Throughout my career, I have worked in many areas of animal health. I have worked as a technician for 12 years, a manufacturer representative for 12 years and a distributor representative for 10 years. I have always loved interacting with animals both at work and at play (I have trained and competed with my dogs in Obedience, Rally, Agility, and Dock Diving ). I always strive for a positive experience for me and my pet. To me that is what Fear Free meant in a clinic setting. Working with a pet or client in the clinic setting should always be as positive and loving as possible. Fear Free offers that experience to all our loved pets. I was given the chance to become Fear Free Certified and I jumped at the chance to learn more. Having that certification and knowledge, helped me give suggestions or techniques to my customers. The ability to show someone a calmer, softer, gentler way to relate to their patients has always serviced me well in the past and hopefully into the future as well.

    If you are a Fear Free certified practice or professional, Hippo Manager can help you:

    • Communicate more effectively with clients about appointment reminders, important client education materials, and forms to complete
    • Use scheduling tools that can help you better designate exam rooms and resources needed for visits
    • Customize templates for emotional record keeping and tracking FAS scale
    • Efficiently complete curbside check-ins, touch-free payment processing, and exam room checkouts

    The Preferred Product Program (PPP) is designed, “to provide Fear Free Certified Professionals access to products and services that are aligned with Fear Free protocols, procedures, and recommendations.” Please visit our page  to learn more about this offer or contact us at info@hippomanager.com.

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