Financial Reporting for Veterinarians – Made Easy!

    Financial reporting for veterinarians is made easy with Hippo Manager cloud practice management software.  The built-in robust reporting features and customizable cross-data checks, enable our veterinary practice partners to quickly snap-shot the status of their veterinary practice as well as provide in-depth review of the financial health of the practice.

    Hippo Manager offers unlimited and FREE training for all practice partners as part of the monthly subscription!  Learn how to run the reports you need to see in a matter of seconds.

    Know your business as well as you know your patients.

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    Financial Reporting for Veterinarians – Made EASY! (and fast too!)

    Access the many summary and detailed reports under the main menu header in Hippo Manager to select the desired financial breakdown such as, balance sheet, provider production summary, detailed aging and aging summary, for example.  Run these financial reports for your practice to check against veterinary industry practice benchmarks and get answers fast.  Financial reports in Hippo Manager can be run in seconds and by practice location – great for our multi-location practice partners!

    Financial Reporting Veterinary Software


    I’m a Veterinarian not an Accountant!


    Veterinarians these days need to wear multiple hats – be health experts on a massive variety of pet types and species, but also, adept business professionals focused on patient care and profits simultaneously.  That’s a LOT to take on so, Hippo Manager has built the financial reporting for veterinarians and made it easy to use and, as simple as possible to access.  Take a look at our recent FREE online training covering financial reporting for veterinarians MADE EASY.

    Focus MORE on patient care and less on software!- (the Hippo Manager Motto) Here’s how we do it! Watch the below video.



    Access your business veterinary practice balance sheet in seconds – the balance sheet is one of the THREE most commonly used and needed financial reports by veterinarians.  Get a snapshot look at your veterinary practice profile from the balance sheet.  Incorporate detailed reports such as provider production summaries and detailed aging reports to understand the state of your accounts and client behaviors.  Financial reporting for veterinarians is vital to understanding industry benchmarks and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for your particular practice and speciality.  Veterinary practices should think of financial reports in veterinary software is as integral to your patient care as is the charting feature.

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