Holistic Veterinary Software


    If your veterinary clinic practices non-traditional veterinary medicine and is in search of holistic veterinary software, Hippo Manager is as agile and adaptable as your patient care methods! Built-into our platform are elements such as chart templates, flexible scheduling, customizable scheduler, referral communications and more, suited for the non-traditional veterinary professional.

    Holistic Veterinary Software + Non-Traditional Veterinary Medicine

    Flexible scheduling gives holistic veterinary medicine professionals the adaptability to move a patient seamlessly through the stages of patient care.  Scheduling acupuncture, rehab alongside other procedures and services are easy to do in Hippo Manager.  Watch the below video to see more on this topic.



    Veterinary Software for Holistic Veterinarians – Veterinary Software Tools.

    Holistic Medicine Veterinary Software

    Customizable chart templates give your veterinary practice the power to create, change, update and manipulate charts so that they suit your specific patient care and medicine delivery methods.  Chiropractors, for example, enjoy the ability to create customizable chart templates specific to their needs not typically found in traditional charts and travel sheets.



    Flexible Inventory, Customizable Scheduler + More!

    Complete inventory easily if your clinic is providing medicines that might include herbal supplements and compounded mixtures.  Customize the scheduler to suit your patient care needs and give your practice unique control over your veterinary software.

    Specialty Veterinary Software Flexible Inventory

    specialty veterinary software scheduler

    If your practice specializes in or, incorporate holistic veterinary medicine and non-traditional patient care, give Hippo Manager a whirl!  We offer a quick demo, and a free trial with no credit card information needed and are ready to show you how adaptable our veterinary software can be for specialty veterinary medicine.  877 819 0150 sales@hippomanager.com

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