iPad Compatible Veterinary Software

    Hippo Manager is iPad compatible veterinary software, as well as tablet and any other mobile device that your veterinary practice accesses the internet with.  Any iPad version 2 or later, Hippo Manager works beautifully on, just like you’re using a desktop or laptop and mouse.

    Don’t buy new equipment, use your existing mobile devices with Hippo Manager and even get started on a free trial on UNLIMITED devices so you can find out which veterinary software works best on an iPad (hint: it’s Hippo Manager)

    What Makes Hippo Manager an iPad Compatible Veterinary Software Provider?

    Our veterinary practice management software was built from the ground up with touch screens in mind.  We know a lot of veterinary practices and hospitals are looking to get away from clunky server based software and hardware that takes up valuable space not to mention can cost you thousands of dollars in lost data in the event of a hardware malfunction!

    Hippo Manager is part of a veterinary industry trend that allows veterinarians and their staff to deliver better and more efficient patient care using mobile devices such as iPads and Tablets. The veterinary practice is modernizing and with it, so is the software and devices that are being used.

    which veterinary software works best on an ipadA software switch was once considered a large undertaking and the equipment cost and overheard would turn away a lot of veterinary businesses.  Not anymore.  Switching to Hippo Manager and cloud-based veterinary software is cost efficient in the short term and will save your veterinary practice TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS year after year.

    Why Use Veterinary Software on an iPad or Tablet?

    • Ease of Use.
    • Mobility.
    • Reliability.
    • Replaceability.

    ipad compatible veterinary softwareWith your veterinary practice data stored safely in the cloud, you don’t need to purchase the most expensive iPad or Tablet with the most storage.  All you need is an internet connection and the Safari or, Google Chrome Browser and you can access Hippo Manager from that iPad or Tablet.  You may only need 2GB storage or less!

    If you like to take photos or videos and store patient data on your device to upload to Hippo Manager, that is the only instance you would need a more expensive device and more storage.  Otherwise, Hippo Manager stores your data UNLIMITED in the cloud and you can access it from any device, anywhere.

    Process payment from anywhere.  That’s right, invoice, accept payment and email receipts to clients in the field or, right there in the exam room.  Hippo Manager offers built-in payment processing in our point of sale screen.  Get started with a FREE terminal and $200 cash back today!

    Using our Veterinary Software on a Tablet

    best veterinary software tabletIf you haven’t seen how beautiful Hippo Manager is on the iPad, watch the video above or, click here. Using veterinary software on a tablet or iPad should be the same as using on a laptop of desktop.  The touch screen functionality works just the same as using an iPad and your experience is even better on a mobile device.  Take your business profits and patient care everywhere with you using Hippo Manager on iPads or Tablets.

    Get started in a FREE trial on your iPad or Tablet today.   Hippo Manager offers unlimited data, patients, storage, devices, users and support for only $119 per vet per month. +1 (877) 819-0159

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