January 2020 Free Veterinary Software Training


    It’s a NEW decade and we’ve prepared some of the best webinars for our January 2020 free veterinary software training sessions to kick the year off PURRFECTLY! Your New Year resolutions should include letting Hippo Manager do the heavy lifting for your veterinary practice and patient care. Implement the tactics from our free webinars and watch business grow!

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    Get home faster with SUPER QUICK end of day reports in Hippo Manager. Learn tactics to get out the door and prepare for patient care using built-in reports Tuesday January 14th. Coming up January 21st it’s a new decade and time to learn how to use all the built-in features to Hippo that helps patient care and builds profits (all at once like a magical PiMS recipe!). Save your seat for these fabulous free training webinars in January today!

    January 2020 free training webinars veterinary software

    January Free Veterinary Software Training Webinar TOPICS

    Running End of Day Reports. Wrap it up, buttercup.

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    Nothing like getting through a fulfilling and (let’s be real, exhaustive) day at your practice knowing you’ve got a full appointment calendar (because, Hippo Manager) and you get to do it all again tomorrow! Or, at midnight when Cookie’s owner calls and they can’t find their “other set of keys”.

    You’ve cleaned up surgery, readied reception and stocked inventory. BUT WAIT! There’s MORE!


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    Quickly wrap up the business side of things at your practice with quick, end of day reports in Hippo.  Run the reports, understand where inventory and accounting meet and walk into the next day ready for battle!

    We have reports that help you make end of day deposits at the bank. We’ve got reports that run in seconds from ANY DEVICE, so you can go home and have dinner, and take a look at inventory and accounting from your CELL PHONE. Learn how to run these reports and implement best practices for end of business using Hippo Manager.

    Tuesday, January 14th 2p EST – Sign Up Here.


    January 2020 free training webinars how to run end of day reports


    Closing out the end of business every day is such an important step in creating an environment for a successful day the next. Learn how to easily and quickly run end of day reports built-in to Hippo Manager. Get accounting lined up, export files to Quickbooks and ready your cash flow for continued success.

    Managing end of day reports is crucial to patient care. Not just for the health of your veterinary practice business, but also great for pet health. Closing out business with best practices daily can prevent errors becoming long term headaches.


    January 2020 free training webinars running end of day reports


    When: Tuesday 1/14 2p EST
    Where: Online and in the middle of the day – be ready for end of day, same day! Sign up here
    How: Don’t take notes with your pencil and pad – we’ll send you a recording of the webinar!

    New Year New Decade New Veterinary Software!

    Time for your veterinary software to do some heavy lifting. Hippo Manager is TOTAL practice management and we’ve got all the built-in tools and resources to GROW your veterinary business!

    Tuesday, January 21st 2p EST – Sign Up Here.

    Using built-in tools in Hippo Manager our training team will show you how you can grow appointment compliance.  Use the FREE resources to build better appointment compliance, learn what’s new in Hippo Manager that can be used to improve patient care and build profits.  

    We’ve got so much to show you with our TOTAL PRACTICE MANAGEMENT SOLUTION you’re going to want to take notes! (Don’t worry, we’ll record the session for you and send a link!)


    January 2020 free training webinars how to choose a new veterinary software


    Built-in KPI reports and extensive business reporting gives you the power to understand your practice and make moves for the best patient care and higher profits! Learn all about them in the webinar.

    Get to know our built-in functionalities that let you CUSTOMIZE your user experience and features in Hippo. We make practice management so simple, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t ask for a Hippo for Christmas last year!

    We’ve got so much to show you and only 20 minutes, so, book a demo today and we’ll walk through everything you want to know, one-on-one.


    January 2020 free training webinars new year new veterinary software


    When: Tuesday 1/21 2p EST
    Where: Any device, any time – Sign up here
    How: Switch to Hippo Manager and mention this webinar for a SPECIAL SIGNING BONUS!

    Inventory Management in Hippo Manager is the BEST in the industry!

    How do we know this?  We stop practices from missing THOUSANDS of dollars in missed charges. We have built-in reports that analyze inventory, staff access and control logs.  Get inventory under control and better than ever with Hippo Manager.

    Got questions?  Call or text our team: 877 819 0159 info@hippomanager.com

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