July 2019 Free Training Webinars


    Summer is heating up and so are our topics for our July 2019 free training webinars. Slap on some sunscreen because we’ve got some great webinars that’ll make your veterinary practice future so bright, you’ll have to wear shades.


    Grab those shades for some BRIGHT Summer training webinars!


    Paperweight sales and filing cabinet storage systems are so 1996! Go paper-lite with Hippo Manager and save some trees! Learn how to cut down on paper and organize unlimited file storage on Tuesday, July 9th. Coming up July 16th learn how to use client communications for more than just patient care. Let’s put these built-in tools (like text messaging and email reminders) to better use and get your veterinary practice increased repeat business!

    july 2019 free training webinars paper lite veterinary software

    July 2019 Free Training Webinar TOPICS

    FREEDOM! From paper! Going paper-lite in Hippo Manager


    FREEDOM! From paper…


    Tuesday, July 9th 2p EST – Sign Up Here.

    Fancy yourself a bit of a tree hugger?  Maybe you’re a Marie Kondo fan and your filing cabinets no longer spark joy? Get rid of paper, endless files and save the trees! Learn how to take advantage of unlimited file storage in Hippo Manager and utilize our veterinary software to go paper-lite.

    paper lite veterinary software webinar free july 2019 tuesday training

    Learn how to use our PiMS to reduce paper in the office and save the trees! Cut down on clutter and space both in your office and online in the cloud. Cleaning up your cloud paper will spark joy – we promise!

    july 2019 free training webinar paper lite veterinary softtware

    When: Tuesday 7/9 2p EST
    Where: Even in the forest if there’s wifi – Sign up here
    How: Don’t take notes with your pencil and pad – we’ll send you a recording of the webinar!

    Increasing Repeat Business at your Veterinary Practice

    Keep ’em coming back for more!

    Tuesday, July 16th 2p EST – Sign Up Here.

    Using built-in tools in Hippo Manager our training team will show you how you can grow appointment compliance.  Use free email reminders and learn how to set them up. Couple them with text messaging for reminders and communications with unlimited photos and videos and clients won’t be able to stay away! 

    How many times can a dog get his anal glands expressed? 🤔

    july 2019 free training webinar increasing repeat business

    Mailed postcard reminders are also available in Hippo Manager – you set up the reminders and we print and mail! Plus they’re SO cute. Branded to your veterinary clinic, postcard reminders have a 100% open rate! Once they take it out of mailbox – it’s opened! 🙂

    Start using text messaging in Hippo Manager to communicate to clients, save tons of staff time (up to 1.5 hours a day) and get a higher response rate than phone callbacks.  Watch Dr. Johnson from Pet2Vet talk about how text messaging in Hippo Manager has made her so happy AND more revenue!

    Clients will love to hear from you and you’ll be able to use these methods to communicate special offers, new patient care options and remind owners about upcoming pet health needs.


    july 2019 increasing repeat business for veterinary practices free training webinar


    When: Tuesday 7/16 2p EST
    Where: Any device, any time – Sign up here
    How: Special offer for anyone who attends the webinar – 150 free mailed postcards!

    How Are Your Client Communication Efforts Performing?

    See how well your methods are performing with appointment compliance reports and new client growth reports. Run tools in Hippo Manager and evaluate them, all in Hippo Manager!

    Got questions?  Call or text our team: 877 819 0159 info@hippomanager.com

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