Low Cost Spay Neuter Vet Software

    Non-profit or low cost spay neuter vet software doesn’t have to come without all the features, just to save your clinic money.  Vet software for your specialized clinic that is aimed at saving clients money, while providing a community service for animals, doesn’t need to sacrifice full functionality, nor, does it need to come with lots of specifics your clinic won’t ever use.

    Hippo Manager is a perfect solution for non-profit and low cost spay neuter or specialized programs.  Whether it be a clinic location, or mobile veterinary service that is offering veterinary services at a reduced cost to the public, Hippo Manager can help you run your business and provide you with all the necessary functions for appointments and high volume vaccinations, or spay neuters.  Read all about Hippo Manager reviews from other non-profit and high volume low cost programs and clinics here, on Capterra.

    low cost spay neuter vet software
    Low Cost Spay Neuter Vet Software Features:

    Vet software for low cost spay neuter programs that is affordable, and includes all the features your clinic needs, without all the overhead, can be difficult to find.  Hippo Manager is vet software that meets the needs of many non-profit, mobile, SPCA and low cost spay neuter veterinary clinics around the United States.

    Hippo Manager never charges per user, charges are incurred only per full time vets, per month.

    If your low cost program is searching for vet software, we encourage your clinic to try a free, no obligations, trial.  Our pricing is per full time vet.  So, if your community service program employs one full time vet, but partial volunteer vets, we will only charge per vet, per month.  If your clinic is run by several, not full time vets, but with a variety of hours each, we still keep pricing simple and affordable.  As a vet software provider, we know that the services your clinic is offering to the patients and clients is valuable and that overhead costs are a minimum, so we keep our vet software pricing, simple and affordable, we’ll work with your clinic and your non-profit status.

    Give us a call on 877-819-0159 ext 1, or email us: info@hippomanager.com to find out how we can work with your low cost spay neuter program as a vet software provider and partner.  Request your FREE trial here.

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