Lowest Price Non-Profit Vet Software

    ***Please note: this post reflects pricing that was valid until June 30th, 2017 only for non-profit practice clinics.**

    Lowest Price Non-Profit Vet Software in the marketplace is often what community service and not-for-profit veterinary practices and clinics search for when looking for software and management solutions. Lowest price and most features don’t necessarily fit in the same sentence, however.  With Hippo Manager cloud-based veterinary software, we have the MOST features with the most affordability, suited for non-profit veterinary clinics and high volume community service partners.

    Secure Hippo Manager now for only $50 before our prices rise on July 1!

    At only $50 per month** per vet, Hippo Manager offers customized appointment scheduler to accommodate high volume clinics, medical charting, check out, POS and customized reporting perfect for fundraisers and matching performance to grants or gifted dollars.

    low cost spay neuter vet software

    The discounted* $5o price for non-profit shelters, spay neuter clinics, practices and other type community service does not discount any of the features or, services that Hippo Manager offers non-profit partners.  Non-profit partners have access to the same free and unlimited customer service support and training, data storage, users and patients.  There are STILL no hidden fees, no up-charges and no surprises. Our pricing is as simple as our software.

    Operate with volunteers and unlimited users, only paying per vet (full time, or number equivalent to full-time) and keeping your overhead costs low.  Non-profit veterinary clinics choose Hippo Manager for many reasons including, being very attractive to governing boards, offering software and management solutions that abide by local, state and federal laws, plus, customized forms and reporting for auditing purposes.

    Present Hippo Manager to your non-profit board of directors today and one of our team members will be happy to host a Q&A showing how Hippo Manager will keep your veterinary clinic overhead costs low, while driving efficiency towards doing what you do best, serving animals and your local community in need. Click here to start a free trial and have our team present to your board of directors at your non-profit veterinary practice and clinic.

    **HURRY $50 per month is only available to non-profit partners until June 30th, 2017.  Be sure to secure this last chance low pricing NOW, for up to 20 years!

    *Don’t worry, even as our prices are set to increase only July 1, we will ALWAYS offer a discounted price for non-profits who need to focus on patients and not pricing.  Our regular prices will be $80 per month per vet and non-profits will receive a discount on that at only $65 per month per vet.  Get your free trial started now so you can secure the $50 pricing before July 1.  Secure NOW. Click here.

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