March 2019 Online Training Webinars

    Join our training team of experts for our March 2019 free online training webinars.  It’s free and OPEN to ALL! Learn how to keep those veterinary patient records PUUUURRRRFECT on March 12th.  Then, March 19th we’ll get really PERSONAL …. with Hippo Manager.

    March 2019 Free Online Training Webinars – The Topics

    Manage & Keep Perfect Patient Records

    keeping perfect veterinary patient records cat imagePUUUURRRFECT Veterinary Patient Records

    Learn how to manage and keep your patient files so fresh and so clean, clean! We’ll give you some easy, quick tips on how to stay on top of those pesky detailed patient records.

    We can’t help you find that lost thermometer (maybe Rufus below knows where you put it?) but we CAN show you how to store information so that you don’t lose it!

    Manage and store patient history correctly – let us give you tips on becoming more accurate and compliant. Store and access information from referring doctors or previous providers and all the best practices wrapped up into quick, simple steps you can implement the same day!

    free veterinary software training keep better veterinary patient records

    When: Tuesday 3/12 2p EST
    Where: Online – Sign up here
    How: BYOL/C (Bring your own lunch/coffee), listen and learn, there will be time for Q&A after!



    Personalize & Tailor Hippo Manager for your Practice

    Like Olivia Newton-John said let’s get physical, physical, we want to get personal, personal…. with you. 🎤

    OK OK not like personal in a physical way (poor Rufus) but let’s get your veterinary practice and your user experience TOTALLY PERSONALIZED!

    We’ll talk you through the options to personalize Hippo Manager to your needs. Personalize colors, templates, the home screen, calendar and more!

    Not only can you personalize your screen but, Hippo Manager can be personalized to your veterinary practice.  Think chart templates, business logo, inventory preferences even the scheduler and to-do lists can be customized for the practice and the person.

    free veterinary software training personalize Hippo Manager layouts 3_19

    When: Tuesday 3/19 2p EST
    Where: Online – Sign up here
    How: BYOT (Bring your own thermometer – not really), listen and learn, there will be time for Q&A after!



    Did you know Hippo Manager has the BEST Veterinary Software Data Migration team on the market?


    It is possible to SWITCH your veterinary software from your more costly provider to Hippo Manager.  Learn more here:

    switching veterinary practice management software vet on laptop

    About Hippo Manager Veterinary Software

    We love what we do.

    We EMPOWER veterinary professionals around the world the THRIVE.

    Hippo Manager is the largest independently owned cloud-based veterinary practice management software in the United States.  Aimed at providing practice management solutions that drive profits and make software a seamless part of an efficient practice. We’re focused on patient care, Hippo Manage always offers a no-obligation free trial.

    Start today.  CALL OR TEXT: 877-819-0159

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