Measuring Veterinary Practice Multi-Unit New Client Growth

    Easily track and measure veterinary practice multi-unit new client growth in Hippo Manager. Our built-in reporting suite comes with all the vital key performance indicators including, new client growth. Track new client growth across multiple locations and see the breakdown and rate of growth at each veterinary hospital multi-unit. Understand and pinpoint growth periods to determine a shift in focus or, take advantage of marketing opportunities at your veterinary practice.


    veterinary practice new client growth report screen

    The Veterinary Practice Multi-Unit New Client Growth Report

    Easily understand and pinpoint growth periods to determine a shift in focus. Take advantage of marketing opportunities at one location over another to drive new business. Use the built-in new client growth report to see ratio growth and take immediate action to solve potential problems and jump on opportunities.

    The new client growth report is an integral part of a sophisticated, yet, easy to use reporting suite necessary to run large enterprise veterinary practices and multi-units.

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    Why Measure New Client Growth?

    measuring veterinary practice multi unit new client growth


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    • See how marketing efforts are doing
    • Revenue indicator
    • Part of well-rounded KPIs
    • Project needs for growth such as staff, supplies
    • Multi-location performance comparison

    Evaluate Your Veterinary Practice Multi-Unit Marketing Efforts

    Using new client marketing efforts?  See the impact it’s had on your practice with the new client growth report. Furthermore, evaluate efforts by location. Perhaps one location needs a more targeted marketing approach over another that has a higher client potential based on surrounding neighborhoods.

    Compliment marketing efforts with built-in retention tools such as mailed postcard reminders, email reminders and text messaging.



    A Great Revenue Indicator

    veterinary practice revenue growth report

    Select “core performance tracker” under “reports”


    New client growth means more patients and more profits right? Get to know how fast client growth is happening at each multi-unit practice and project the need for equipment, staffing and supply growth. Understand how fast revenue can grow alongside new clients and what that should look like. Keep an eye on this report for price consistency so that you can prepare your practice for great things like an acquisition or, expansion in patient care.

    Key Performance Indicator

    New client growth is part of the top 5 KPIs your practice should be measuring against industry benchmarks.  We’ve written extensively about KPIs for veterinary practices of all sizes, not just large multi-unit enterprise facilities!

    veterinary practice performance report tracker

    New client growth is a vital report for small practices and large practices alike. Is it time to invest in a marketing strategy? Are your patient care efforts and referral marketing programs working? Are you seeing the growth in clients and revenue as you’d hoped?

    Learn about the top 5 KPIs, here.


    measuring veterinary practice revenue growth chart

    The graphical output of the new client report is really handy at showing an immediate trend in growth statistics.

    Lines trending up is good news, lines trending down, not so great.

    Easily see seasonal trends and project staffing needs accordingly. Project the rate of new client growth to anticipate needs for better patient care and supplies.

    Compare Multiple Locations Side By Side

    Compare categories and client growth between each location. Are there indicators that a staffing change might be needed? New client growth or, lack thereof can bring to light suspected existing issues. The new client growth report gives hard data and real evidence to provide theories and text new strategies to grow income and deliver better patient care.

    Built-In Reports

    Tracking new client growth is easily done in Hippo Manager. Furthermore, we build veterinary software to empower veterinary professionals to thrive. Let us build the business tools and resources your practice needs to deliver excellent patient care. Call or text a Hippo Manager expert today 877 819 0159 or email us:

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    Dr Marcum advises the Hippo Manager team on developments and software impacts to the veterinary medical industry and the greater community. Furthermore, Todd has worked as a veterinarian for more than 3 decades and brings his knowledge and experience to the table as a valued member of the executive leadership team at Hippo Manager.

    Dr. Marcum specializes in large hospitals and enterprise solutions at Hippo Manager. Learn more about Hippo Managers impact on the veterinary industry by following Dr. Marcum’s blog contributions here.

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