Mobile Vet PMS

    Hippo Manager veterinary software is just right for, not only, clinics and hospitals of all sizes and specialities, but, also, for Mobile Vet PMS solutions across the country.  The last thing our mobile veterinary partners need is clunky hardware and antiquated records keeping systems that keep them tied to old laptops and mobile devices that are too costly to upgrade.  Hippo Manager provides the perfect partnership with software solutions for on the go, out in the field and never in office types, not just brick and mortar vet clinics.

    How is Hippo Manager a perfect fit as a Mobile Vet PMS partner?

    Cloud-based.  Take your tablet, laptop, or, other mobile device that has internet connection, anywhere you go.  Want to quickly change your mobile devices?  Easy, just have Google Chrome installed on that new device and go directly to your safe and secure Hippo Manager account in the cloud.

    I’m not connected to the internet in the field, am I?  Can I be?

    Yes, you can!  Anywhere that has good mobile connectivity you can have internet connection.  You can create your own wi-fi mobile hot spot using most cell phones or, with a hot spot device that connects to a cellular network when wi-fi network is not available.

    I’m a single vet – mobile practice, why should I choose Hippo Manager?

    Small vet practices and mobile veterinary clinics are suited well for cloud based software, simply because these types of practices have remained relevant by staying on the cutting edge of practice management efficiency.  We find that most small practices are interested in investing in their patients, not worrying about PMS solutions.  That’s why Hippo Manager is a great choice for mobile veterinarians.  We offer a low cot monthly rate with no catches or tricks.  Mobile vets are literally, on the go, so choosing limitless software for one low price a month, like Hippo Manager, is a popular choice.

    Mobile vet PMS
    I’m a mobile clinic that provides a special service for my patients on the go, how does Hippo Manager integrate with my speciality?

    Mobile euthanasia vets, mobile farm vets and everything through alternative pet medicine, is something Hippo Manager is great at partnering with.  We provide unlimited customer service, unlimited patients and tech support for the lifetime of your contract.

    I’m still a one-vet mobile veterinary practice, but, I sometimes have relief vets help – is that an extra charge?

    Relief vets are never an extra charge.  When your practice is ready to add another full time or permanent part time vet position to your practice, only then, do we re-evaluate your monthly fee.  Still, it’s only $80 per month per vet.

    What’s in development at Hippo Manager that makes for the perfect mobile vet PMS partner?

    Specifically, the ability to sign owner and doctor signature on touch to tablet, or, using a stylus.  We don’t have a release date for this feature, but our development team is working on this for our mobile vet partners.

    Ready to request a custom tour of our software?  Excellent! Click here, and on the request demo form, under “veterinary practice name” be sure to identify that you’re a mobile vet.  Or, call, 877-819-0159 ext 1 and someone will schedule your 20 minute demo same day or, at your earliest convenience.

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