National Hippo Day Today!


    National Hippo day is here again and it’s our time to shine!  What a time to be a Hippo adore-er! Fiona is a year old and continues to dominate the limelight, the Hippo emoji IS FINALLY HAPPENING and our aptly named, easy to use and simple to learn veterinary practice management software Hippo Manager is helping veterinary practices around the globe cut overhead and drive profits.

    What has National Hippo Day got to do with Veterinary Software?

    Well, when it comes to Hippo Manager, quite a bit!  Our practice management software was built from the ground up with veterinary professionals and the veterinary animal care industry, in mind!  Hippo Manager CAN be used for hippos (and all animals), Hippo Manager can be used in managing the care of animals at zoos, small local veterinary clinics, large hospitals, speciality vets, mobile vets and more!

    Hippo Manager was named after THE animal and in combination with our veterinary software’s ability to align with HIPAA privacy laws, so, in believing our beautiful practice management software would stand out in a crowd of cloud-based software providers that clutter the customer experience, Hippo Manager offers a FRESH, clean user interface that’s easy to use and simple to learn.

    The Hippo might be Latin for “Water Horse” but Hippo Manager is veterinary industry standard for simple, efficient and affordable full-service veterinary practice management software.  Offering everything from patient charting, customized features, appointments and scheduling, Quickbooks friendly, robust reporting (meet and exceed those veterinary industry benchmarks and market your vet practice business to grow your customer base!), built-in low rate integrated payment processing (with a FREE terminal from Clearent )and SO MUCH MORE!  Get started in minutes for FREE today. No new equipment needed, just internet connection.

    Plus we just LOVE HIPPOS!  Have you seen our squishee hippos??  Our company logo is a HIPPO, and our squishee hippos are the HOTTEST promotional swag around the veterinary industry! (You can get your very own at Western Vet Conference in as Vegas March 5-7, come see us in booth #1200) OR, you can try our practice management software for FREE and we’ll send you a squishee hippo in the mail!


    national hippo day


    Squishee hippos are the cute, portable, squishee little friend your office needs but never knew you wanted! :)))


    We’d love to share our LOVE of hippos and beautiful veterinary practice management software with your veterinary business, give us a call 877-819-0159 or drop us a line anytime; , we’ll get connected and have you rolling in our software in just minutes in a custom, secure environment of your very own, manage inventory, sales, patients all your business elements for FREE, in a trial today.  We’re looking forward to working with you, and loving hippos together!

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