Why You Should Own Your Veterinary Software Data


    If you can’t access your own information, you can’t utilize it to give you beneficial information about your practice performance, opportunities for profit and more!

    Do you actually know who owns your Veterinary Practice Data?

    Do you know who owns your veterinary clinic data?  If you ASSUMED you do, you could be wrong, and this is something you will want to correct right away.

    Where should you start?

    Grab your practice management software provider contract or, access the terms and conditions and review them carefully. Check availability to access and request your practice data and also, back-ups. Not sure how to dig through a legal document or find exactly what you’re looking for? Call your PiMS and ask these three important questions:

    1. Do I own my veterinary practice data?
    2. When I request a back up of my data, how often can it be done and in what format can I receive it? Also, how long with that take?
    3. Do you work with a software data conversion or, migration company, to extract my data in the event that I want to move providers or, have my data accessed by third party companies?

    Who owns my veterinary clinic data?

    You should.

    Your veterinary practice management software provider houses your data, but your practice should own that data. All those precious detailed chart entries, client information, images, videos and inventory records belong to YOU. After all, it’s your hard work, so you should be able to keep it and transfer it, and use it, as you’d like!

    Some veterinary practice management software providers actually OWN YOUR data and can prohibit your practice from accessing your data, backing it up, even transferring it to another software provider.  Don’t get caught in this sticky situation!

    Veterinary software providers can give your practice a full suite of benefits, however, if you’re interested in working with another party to enhance patient care or, develop better strategies for business profits, then you’re going to need access to and ownership of, your data to complete these types of things.

    Partnering your veterinary practice with a software provider is a big decision, if you haven’t made it already. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of your data storage and accessibility, carefully. If you don’t know who really owns your veterinary practice data, check now.  Not owning your own data can make it very difficult to make changes down the road when you’ve grown your practice and developed client relationships that are important to be able to access and continue to nurture.

    Your Veterinary Practice Management Software Provider Should…

    Keep your data safe, nice, warm and cozy for you, in the cloud (preferable, safer and more secure than server local storage).  Look for a software partner that is completing nightly back ups and that your data is SSL encrypted. Make sure your software partner can also provide your practice with a FULL BACK UP within 24 hours.   Double check what third party companies the provider has relationships with and make sure your data can be provided in a format that is transferable and portable, should you need that accessibility.

    Hippo Manager does all that.  Hippo Manager stores and secures your precious veterinary practice data while it is yours to own.  Always a no obligation free trial, Hippo Manager offers unlimited support, training, data storage, patients and users for one low price per vet per month. 877-819-0159 info@hippomanager.com

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