Why Owners Should Share Hospital Finances with Non-Owners


    December 29, 2020
    2:00 p.m. EDT
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    Talking about finances can be uncomfortable, but it can really pay off, literally and figuratively, to make sure everyone understands what they are working toward and why! Attend this webinar to learn how to improve your financial literacy with a review of the basics. Attend this webinar to learn why owners should share important parts of a hospital’s business financials with the team, and learn ways to communicate financials in an engaging way. You’ll review standard reports, what they mean and discuss profit centers and passive income areas. This webinar will also cover standard metrics, what they mean, and which levers to pull to achieve financial goals.

    Attendees will learn:
    ·       Why your whole team should have a basic understanding of the hospital finances
    ·       What information you should focus on in your specific role, and what other roles should understand
    ·       What reports (metrics) you should review, how often, and what they mean for your day-to-day work
    ·       How you can begin the conversation if this is a new approach for your practice
    ·       What questions you can ask to improve your understanding
    ·       What you need to learn to if you are an associate interested in buying your practice


    Recommended for:

    Veterinarians, practice managers, practice owners, vet techs, veterinary support team, receptionists.  This webinar is free, but space limited to foster group discussion and facilitate questions. Please register in advance.





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