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    2 Major Benefits of Veterinary Text Messaging

      Do you remember that classic Verizon commercial where the guy asked “Can you hear me now?” over and over again? If that commercial was redone today, it’d have to ask: “Can you READ me

    Why Owners Should Talk About Hospital Finances with Staff

        Webinar Details:  December 29, 20202:00 – 3:00 p.m. ESTREGISTER HERE1 Hour RACE Credit: Pending ApprovalHosted in partnership with the Independent Veterinary Practitioners

    4 Major Benefits of Veterinary Wellness Plans

      Before I started my career in the veterinary industry, I had a puppy on a preventive care plan.  It was quite perfect because I had never owned a dog before, much less a puppy, and I

    Team Meetings in the Workplace

        We’ve all seen the funny memes and heard the classic quotes about the OFFICE MEETING.  “A meeting is an event where the minutes are kept and the hours are lost.” -Unknown “We

    Creating a Safe Space to Talk Within Veterinary Hospitals

      “We need to talk.” Nothing strikes fear in our hearts as quickly as those four little words. In my experience, those were always negative words to hear. My heart would skip a beat, my

    5 Ways the Whiteboard and Treatment Sheet Help Your Practice

        We all know that the veterinary hospital is a hoppin’ place!  Even with the most organized systems in place, it can be challenging to keep everyone on the team “in the know” about

    How to Engage Your Employees in a Veterinary Hospital

      The word “engagement” has become a hot topic in work places all over the country.  But what does being “engaged” really mean? According to Gallup, there are three kinds of associates:

    Webinar: 3 Practice Metrics to Build Your Net Worth

      August 13, 20206:30 – 7:30 p.m. EDTRegister here.Approved for 1 Hour RACE You’re a practice owner. Your life is invested in your veterinary practice because you are passionate

    Chart Template Contest!

    Hippo Manager Customized Charting Template Contest   Enter to Win Today!  Do you have the best charting template in Hippo Manager? One of the most popular features

    Text Messaging: An Essential Tech Tool in Your Veterinary Practice

      Text messaging has overwhelmingly become the preferred form of communication for several years now, and this is crucial for veterinarians to successfully communicate with clients.

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