Switching to Paper Lite Veterinary Software


    Paper lite veterinary software has so many advantages to patient care and the growing success of your clinic. Switching to veterinary software that can help you reduce paper and become “paper-lite” saves time and cuts unnecessary costs! So, what are the elements of a veterinary practice management system that is paper lite? We’ll cover them below so you know what to look for and how to make the switch!

    Becoming paper lite will save your practice time and cut costs.

    What is Paper Lite Veterinary Software?

    It’s freedom from paper, paper records, and the unnecessary costs and time wasted using a paper-based system. Most importantly, it is cloud-based.  A server-based system might keep records electronically, however, it is not paper-lite and records cannot easily be transferred.  Often server-based practice management systems take up valuable retail space within a veterinary practice office. Also, each piece of hardware stores valuable data that, if that device is lost, so is all the information stored on it.

    Paper Lite = As little as possible paper usage.

    Paper lite veterinary software doesn’t just mean actual paper, it means agility. It infers the ability for a veterinary practice to be “light”.  This means having the ability to adapt to growing patient and client needs. A cloud-based veterinary practice management software does just that.  Records are stored safely and securely in the cloud. No physical space is needed to run the practice system, only devices that can access the internet are needed. So, if your practice is running Hippo Manager all you need is a tablet, iPad, cell phone or any laptop/desktop.

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    Ok, now that’ we’ve cleared up the foundation of what a good paper lite veterinary software is, what are the key elements to being paperless or paper lite at a veterinary practice?  Well, you’re in luck!  We’ve gathered the best ways to reduce paper and cut costs at your veterinary clinic. Be sure to look for these key 5 elements when switching to paper lite veterinary software.

    The Top 5 Elements of a Paper Lite Veterinary Software

    1. Electronic medical records
    2. An integrated payment processor
    3. Online patient portal
    4. Unlimited PACS
    5. Paper use only where necessary

    Essentially a paper lite veterinary software program should enable you to run your practice from anywhere and utilize paper only very minimally where necessary. For example, a printed receipt for a transaction is about as much paper as should be used for being paper lite.

    Take a look at our training video on how to go paper lite at your practice! – ————->

    1) Electronic Medical Records

    A practice management system that uses EMRs seems pretty straightforward. However, it is the ability to use electronic medical records alongside other paper lite processes that make a PiMS a paper lite veterinary software provider. Electronic medical records aren’t new to the veterinary industry. But, being able to access them on any device, from anywhere, at any time, is. Furthermore, a cloud-based practice management system provides the ability to access a patient file from any device with an internet connection.

    Suit up for patient care in the office, or, in the field on any mobile device.

    edit veterinary charts

    Online medical records aren’t just paper-lite they’re paperless! Electronically sign all travel sheets and charts and seamlessly translate those into automatic billable charges.  The ability to add to the patient file from any device is truly paperless. It’s not just paper lite, it’s freedom from paper! Sign and un-sign charts using an electronically stored signature and transfer any prescriptions to the pharmacy, electronically.

    2) Integrated Payment Processing

    Don’t just go paperless go wireless! Clearent in Hippo Manager comes with a FREE credit card terminal that’s totally wireless. Accept payment from anywhere and conduct exam room checkouts. Reduce paper on printed invoices, store them electronically. Keep all payment and balance information electronically in the cloud. Print a receipt from the credit card terminal only as needed.

    integrated payment processing veterinary software

    With Hippo Manager it’s possible for practices to accept payment and acknowledge payment without the use of paper. Email over the closed invoice to the client and keep all records unlimited and free. Email estimates instead of printing them and keep all payment processing secured and safe with Clearent.

    3) Web Accessible Patient Portal

    Stop printing certificates and records at the office and let clients take care of it at home! The online patient portal comes with controlled access for all, some or, none of your practice clients. Protect your patient and practice data with controlled security and access.



    4) Unlimited Data Storage

    Just because your practice goes paper lite doesn’t mean that those records also disappear! Paper that would usually be printed needs to be turned into a PDF. Images and messages sent electronically between practice staff and clients need to be recorded and stored. This means that there has to be somewhere to put all this stuff!

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    Hippo Manager offers unlimited data storage.  All client conversations over text message, images, videos, and PDFs can be stored unlimited and free.  Access them anytime in the patient file and never incur any unexpected charges for using too much storage!

    Reduce paper by storing records electronically. Store items that would otherwise have been paper, as PDFs or other file types and view online within Hippo.

    Store and see all DICOM images too! 3 panel viewing built-in to Hippo allows for all DICOM style images to be analyzed and stored right in the patient file.

    best veterinary practice software hippo manager built-in dicom viewer

    5) Identify What Is Necessary Paper Usage

    Not every clinic can go totally paperless. that’s why paper-lite is such a great option. It does the same amount of cost-cutting and saves staff just as much time. Take a look around and see what paper can be cut from your practice. Transfer paper files into scanned documents and store unlimited online, attach to the patient record. Never lose paper again!

    Furthermore, being paper lite best practices. Store electronic signatures in Hippo Manager and use them to sign charts and keep electronic medical records, electronic. Start emailing invoice copies to clients instead of printing records.  Ask clients to print certificates at home with the patient portal. keep what paper might be necessary, such as prescription labels, but use electronic orders and cut down on paper usage.

    So, Why Switch to Paper Lite Veterinary Software?

    If it wasn’t obvious that the top 5 elements of being paper lite can save time, cuts costs and provide better patient care well, they do! Having an online patient portal gives clients the power the review and control their pet’s records. Furthermore, it’s possible to reduce unnecessary office visits and staff time by letting clients access their pet records online. Staff workflows are more manageable without sorting through rooms of paper records and trying to locate lost paper records! Reduce the costs of running a server-based veterinary software by freeing up space and the overhead of running programs and equipment that runs primarily on paper.

    Start using the elements of paper lite veterinary software today.  Look for ways to electronically store records and back up patient files in an organized online system that’s never prone to fire or forgetful employees!

    How to go paper lite at your clinic

    Obviously, we recommend switching to Hippo Manager as all these features are built-in. However, it’s easy to incorporate these elements as soon as today!

    • Use a cloud-based veterinary software that stores all electronic medical records and has them easily accessible from anywhere on any device.
    • Get an integrated payment processor on board. Reduce the use of paper by having payments and billing recorded in the veterinary software system. Email invoices and receipts and only print for billable charges when absolutely necessary.
    • Let your clients do some of the heavy-lifting. Utilize an online patient portal and let clients access pet records from home, print out certificates and more.
    • Store patient files, photos, PDFs, videos and all records online, in the cloud. Utilize a practice management system that lets you store data unlimited and free so you aren’t surprised by any sudden charges.
    • Identify the items that MUST be used for paper and stick to them.  Furthermore, identify ways in which you can SWITCH from paper to paper lite and save time and money by switching! Prescription labels and inventory check sheets might be necessary. Ditch your printable accounting reports for downloadable PDF detailed reports in Hippo Manager. Switch from mailed reminders to 2-way texting reminders and client communications.



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