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     Hippo Manager’s online patient portal or, patient health record (PHR), has had a feature upgrade! We’re excited to announce even more flexibility with the online access system so that our practice partners and their clients can easily and effectively manage their communications and relationships.

    Watch the video here



    The online patient portal (PHR) is feature that must be enabled by Hippo Manager clients.  Even though the system comes pre-packaged with all subscriptions, the online patient portal must be activated by the practice manager or owner, in the administration section of the software.   READ OUR FAQ

    The online patient portal is quick and easy to activate. Hippo Manager gives total control to practice partners so that the patient portal can be turned on for the whole practice, but specifically only for the practice clients that our partners choose.  This particular security features allows for practice partner protection from clients who may be associated with sensitive content so that practices can control the level of confidentiality.

    Once the Hippo Manager practice partner has turned on the patient portal accessibility feature in administration, the practice user must go into each client and activate the account for that client.  As clients come into the office, we recommend checking the “PHR/patient portal” check box in the record, enabling the access per client, as the practice sees fit.

    Take a tour of the online patient portal now, view the 5 minute video, here.

    Hippo Manager has created an online flyer that our practice partners can brand and localize (practice logo and email/address/website) and use as an informational sheet to give to practice clients on where and how to access their online patient portal or, PHR (patient health record).  You can use this flyer as a print out, PDF attached to emails or, simply as a practice reminder when telling clients how to access their online information.  This is made available to practice partners when they have enabled the patient portal feature for their practice.  View an example of the PDF – here.


    Enable the online patient portal for your practice, view the video here, or, view the quick start guide PDF manual, here.

    How do my clients access their PHR/online patient portal for their pets?

    From any browser, securely, anywhere in the world.  They will use your practice specific custom URL ending in and set up a username and password just like they’d be accessing any other online subscription service.  Please remember that the online patient portal comes FREE of charge to ALL practice partners and their clients as part of your monthly subscription fee to Hippo Manager.

    Login using an email address, follow the prompts to set up a password and there, the client has access to all the pet online records.

    READ OUR FAQ on the online Patient Portal HERE.

    What kinds of records do my clients have access to?

    Your practice has complete control over which clients have access. Enable it for some, all or, none.  View the set up and demo inside the Hippo Manager veterinary software app, here.

    Once you’ve enabled the patient portal for your practice, you can select which clients receive online access. Check the box in patient record, enabling your client to have access.  Clients will be able to see upcoming appointments, signed charts and certifications, records and more.  Current invoices and billing statements and general practice and pet/patient information.  If you want to give your clients access to the patient portal, but prefer not to view sensitive information located in the SOAP/Chart, simply leave that chart note unsigned.  Only signed charts will be made visible in the patient portal.

    Clients will be able to print and save the records from online to their local computer/printer.  If you do not want your clients to be able to see the online records, do not enable the patient portal for that client under patient record in Hippo Manager.

    View a sample of the user screen your clients will see while accessing the online patient portal or, PHR. Scroll below.

    Will my clients be able to book appointments and pay their bills online?

    Not at this time.  If your practice has the Google 2-way calendar sync with Hippo Manager (free and included for all clients), your practice can enable appointment booking online, but currently, not through the online patient portal.  Similarly, clients will only be able to view current invoices and billing statements online.  The ability to book online appointments and pay bills will be an additional feature upgrade coming to the Hippo Manager online patient portal in the near future.  Stay tuned!


    patient portal screen shot

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