PMS Release 1.37 – New Reports & Forms

    Hippo Manager recently rolled out our PMS Release 1.37  with a list of new reports and new forms, as part of our software upgrade to 1.37 (previously 1.36).  The release was instantaneous and all clients and users received these upgraded features as part of the Hippo Manager suite, the next time they logged in.

    Our software is on a regular and frequent development cycle, meaning, we are working to constantly optimize our practice management software and roll out these new features and upgrades to users as soon as possible.  Hippo Manager is a cloud based PMS, which allows our development team to implement these upgrades with no down time and no delay to our users.  Features are instantly accessible to our clients with no disruption to work or patient records/files.

    About Hippo Manager PMS Release 1.37

    These software releases allow clients to access a wide variety of new reports and forms, not previously widely available.  Hippo Manager rolled out the PMS release 1.37 with new reports and forms loaded with the ability to cross calculate and analyze features of your veterinary practice.  New reports that enable users to look up detailed purchase history, patient breakdown with average transaction and previous 90/year and many more.  These reporting features let your veterinary practice manage your business more efficiently, with Hippo Manager veterinary PMS.

    A Veterinary PMS should offer the ability to not only log and keep patient records easily, but, also offer practice management solutions to optimize your work flow and increase your profitability.  Release 1.37 offers just that.

    New forms rolled out in PMS release 1.37 include frequently requested custom forms such as, patient boarding, surgery consent and treatment waiver, and many more.  For the complete list, please scroll down further.

    NEW REPORTS!  Release 1.37 details below.
    1. Item/Service History
    • Look up the detailed purchase history, including patient and client, of any item or service sold.
    1. Patient Breakdown
    • Total number of active patients
    • Average number of charges per transaction
    • Average amount of transaction
    • Previous 90
    • Previous year
    1. Client Stats Breakdown
    • Total number of active clients
    • Average number of patients per client
    • Average number of transactions
    • Average amount of transactions
    • Previous 90
    • Previous year
    1. Species Stats Breakdown
    • Total number of active species
    • Breakdown of counts per species
    • Average number of charges per transaction per species
    • Average amount of transaction per species
    • Previous 90
    • Previous year
    1. Supplier Breakdown
    • Total supplier count
    • Total number of receiving entries per supplier
    • Total amount of receiving per supplier
    • Average supplier  receiving entry item amount
    • Average supplier receiving transaction amount
    • Previous 90
    • Previous year
    1. Treatment Statistics
    • Total number of procedures charge
    • Breakdown of counts per procedure
    • Average number of procedures per transaction per patient
    • Average amount of procedure per species
    • Previous 90
    • Previous year


    NEW FORMS! Release 1.37 details below.
    1. Patient Boarding
    2. Patient Enroll
    3. Authorized Care
    4. Dangerous Animal
    5. Emergency Consent
    6. Euthanasia Detailed
    7. Media Consent
    8. Post Dental Instructions
    9. Post Surgery  – Cranial
    10. Post Surgery – General
    11. Surgery Consent
    12. Transfer Authorization
    13. Treatment Waiver
    14. Urinalysis Form
    15. Wound Care

    With any questions related to our systems and software, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team or call 877-819-0159 x2 M-Sa 8a-8pEST to talk to one of our friendly team members about your account.

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