Reduce Veterinary Client No-Shows


    It is possible to increase your client loyalty rates and reduce veterinary client no-shows by adhering to some easy-to-implement, straight-forward business practices.  These practices have proven to increase the likelihood of repeat and return clientele as well as make your veterinary practice appointment compliance rate “more sticky”.

    The business practices mentioned here are readily available inside Hippo Manager and can be implemented immediately by the practice administrator, or, by contacting our technical support team.  Get started today in increasing your appointment compliancy, retaining clients and driving profits.  A free trial is available, here.

    Reduce Veterinary Client No-Shows:

    1) Understand Underperforming Areas:



    Using the many built-in report and reporting features in our veterinary software, your practice can quickly identify providers and categories that need that extra little bit of help.  Pair with features inside Hippo Manager to DRIVE THOSE PROFITS!

    Utilize Built-In Email Reminders.

    Email reminders are efficient way to immediately reduce your veterinary client missed appointments.  Tailor your client messaging and schedule reminders in advance of upcoming predicted procedures, such as, vaccinations easily in Hippo Manager.  Email reminders are included FREE and are built-into our veterinary software platform offering our veterinary practice partners more features for our one subscription price.

    Watch the short video here, or, below on setting up these automatic email reminders, let Hippo Manager do the work for your busy staff, set up the reminders in bulk and for recurring appointments!



    Phone Call-Back List Reports – Run and Complete


    Widely used as a post-procedure checkin-in/courtesy call, the call back lists can be run in Hippo Manager to generate a list for appointment reminders.  Using the same filtering system, generate a custom call back list by provider or, appointment/procedure type and assign a staff member the list to complete daily.  It is recommended that phone call backs, when paired with email and postcard reminders, are completed within 24 hours to one week, in advance of the appointment.

    Phone call-back lists are a simple way to implement a fully integrated reminder system ensuring the highest client return rates, reducing your veterinary clinic no-shows.  Generate yours today, learn how here.

    Integrate w/ Mailed Postcard Reminders

    reduce veterinary client no shows hippo manager


    Veterinary practice clients are busy, just like the veterinary professionals who see their pets, so it’s important to be able to use a reminder strategy that breaks through the clutter.  Research shows that when practices COMBINE a reminder strategy for their clients such as email AND mailed postcard reminders, appointment compliance increases and not to mention, customer loyalty. Combining email reminders and mailed postcard reminders is now a service Hippo Manager offers its clients as part of a full service practice management software solution.

    Implement these business practices today with Hippo Manager and reduce your veterinary client no-shows. Become a Hippo Manager veterinary practice partner and begin your integrated campaign to drive profits and lower no-shows to start mailed postcard service today, start here. 

    Hippo Manager is the largest independently owned cloud-based veterinary practice management software in the United States.  Aimed at providing practice management solutions that drive profits and make software a seamless part of a highly efficient practice focused on patient care, Hippo Manage always offers a no-obligations free trial.   Start today.  877-819-0159

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