Updates & Reducing Clicks in Hippo Manager Software


    Reducing clicks and updates to highly requested items, are changes your practice will see in Hippo Manager software, with today’s latest release.  Hippo Manager veterinary software has added features, upgrades to elements and reduced clicks, helping our veterinary practice partners be more efficient and, focus on patient care.

    Quick update & reducing clicks summary: Chief Complaint located in Chart Notes Widget, Scheduler – re-named, notes section of charts, SOAP and Store Config text boxes have room for 60,000+ characters, ready for all your patient information – see images and update detail below.


    As always with our cloud-based veterinary technology, all updates are INSTANTANEOUS, included and FREE to all our veterinary practice partners. (learn more on Hippo Manager unlimited upgrades to our software as a practice partner, here.)

    Reducing Clicks in Hippo Manager Software:

    Your practice will notice these changes within daily functions of Hippo Manager that are reducing your clicks –

    • “Chief Complaint” – NOW located in the Chart Notes Widget area.  See below before and after comparison update images.

    reducing clicks hippo manager veterinary software

    Hippo Manager vet software updates

    • We’ve re-named “Schedule Appointment” to “Scheduler” and ADDED it to the Menu Bar at the top! 
      • No more clicking back to “Choose Action”, just click the menu to quickly see, add and remove appointments.

    cloud-based vet software

    cloud-based vet software free upgrades

    • In the “Store Config” page, users can now enter a significantly larger amount of text (approximately 60,000+ characters) on all fields, including “Estimate Statement”, “Return Policy” and “Payment Info”.

    Increased notes for SOAP, chart & store config text boxes

    • The “note” portions of all Chart Notes can now hold a significantly larger amount of characters, including the “S”, “O”, “A” and “P” sections of the SOAP note.

    hippo manager cloud veterinary software

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    If your practice has any questions about updated features and how to get the most out of Hippo Manager veterinary software keeping our vet practice partners as EFFICIENT as possible, contact our support team:  support@hippomanager.com 

    Call us today to get started in a free trial, see how Hippo Manager is making our practice partners GROW, pursuing profits, increasing efficiencies and saving staff time.

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