Schedule & Update Appointments From Your Phone!

    You can now schedule and update appointments from your phone calendar (or anywhere you have a google calendar) and changes will appear in your Hippo Manager PMS – all without even logging in!  We’re so excited to make this cloud-based veterinary PMS FIRST because, it’s another example of how Hippo Manager can help make veterinary practices more efficient and profitable.


    We’ve enabled Google Calendar 2-way sync integration.  I mean, our awesome development team has enabled Google Calendar 2-way sync integration!!!!  <——  (it deserves so many more of these, but we must tell you how to use this great new feature)

    What does that mean??!?
    Schedule and update appointments from your phone.  Now, Hippo Manager clients can can sync personal or, a work google calendar with Hippo Manager appointment scheduler and, if one calendar is updated, the other will reflect the change and vice versa.

    We’re the ONLY cloud-based PMS on the market to have this awesome feature. 

    Update.  Change.  Add.  Remove.  All appointments in your Hippo Manager cloud-based PMS from your phone or portable device, without accessing your Hippo Manager account.  Works over wi-fi or cell service. The 2-way sync integration works updating appointments from your cell phone with just cell service.

    Hippo Manager gives our clients the ultimate flexibility with this feature upgrade.  Manage your busy practice appointments truly on-the-go and out of the office.

    schedule appointments from your phoneThis is a great feature for our veterinary practice partners of all sizes, schedule and update appointments from your phone.  Mobile vets can get the most out of booking on-the-go appointments while in home or, out in the field without logging into Hippo Manager.  Our vets with ever-increasing and changing schedules can check the work day ahead from the breakfast table, all on your personal device.

    Got a last minute change and you’re headed out the door?  Not a problem with Hippo Manager PMS Google Calendar 2-way sync integration.  Open your portable internet device (tablet/phone) with cell service and add the appointment to your calendar right there and it will show up in Hippo Manager!

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    If you’ve got a client that needs a first thing in the morning appointment, but you’re out that evening grabbing groceries, or, at a function, just grab your cell phone, confirm with your client over text and add them to your phone calendar!  Walk into your clinic the next day with that appointment automatically added to your Hippo Manager appointment scheduler.

    Manage your appointments, without logging into Hippo Manager PMS.  Schedule an appointment just like you would if you added an event to your personal calendar on your iPhone.  Change an appointment time on your Android device and Hippo Manager will simultaneously update your PMS calendar for you.

    schedule and update appointments from your phone with Hippo Manager PMS

    The appointment shows at 5pm in Hippo Manager and below in your selected Google Calendar

    Update Hippo Manager From Your PhoneAll Hippo Manager clients have automatic access to this feature.  Because it involves linking a google calendar and Hippo Manager, we recommend calling our support team to get a copy of our Quick Start Guide and have a friendly Hippo Manager team member walk you through setting this up, step by step.  Call us today to get started with this great new feature: 877 819 0159 ext 2 or email:

    Don’t have this great feature with your PMS?  Drop us a line today to use Hippo Manager free for 14 days so you too, can make your practice more efficient! Call 877 819 0159 ext 1 or, email us now!

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