September 2019 Free Training Webinars


    Get back thousands of missed charges and break those bad habits with our September 2019 free training webinars. It’s time to end all those hundreds of missed charges and break bad habits that cost your practice money now and money later. Attend these two webinars and in less than 45 minutes it’s like we’ll have virtually put money back in your practice wallet!

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    Missed charges account for the millions of dollars of lost revenue felt across the veterinary industry each year. So, our training team is going to show your practice how to stop missing charges and prevent further missed charges in 2 simple steps that you can start today. Join our team for the free training webinar September 10th at 2p EST.

    Garbage in, garbage out is always what my Grandma used to say and it’s what we say at Hippo! Break bad habits and stop creating data problems that can become costly and carry on for YEARS at your veterinary practice. We’ll tackle duplicates, reduce your clicks in Hippo and cover basic bad data habits that can cost money in lost staff time and lost revenue. You won’t want to miss out, save your seat for September 17th at 2pm EST here.

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    September 2019 Free Training Webinar TOPICS

    STOP! In the name of MISSED CHARGES!

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    Tuesday, September 10th 2p EST – Sign Up Here.

    Stop in the name of love for your veterinary practice profits! Did you know that missed charges due to simple inventory set up errors cost the veterinary industry MILLIONS of dollars each year? AND your practice cut of that could be in the HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars!


    Sorry, just fainted and got back up to my keyboard.

    Hippo Manager has built-in functions that PREVENT missed charges. And, better yet, we’ll show you how to set it up, customized for your practice. Start using item kits and travel sheet chart templates to automatically add items to the invoice. Prevent missed charges at your veterinary practice by using these tools in Hippo today!

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    What’s the difference between item kits and chart templates for preventing missed charges? Well, we’ll show you that too! Learn which is best for your practice and the best way to plug that revenue leak!

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    When: Tuesday 9/10 2p EST
    Where: Scrooge McDuck’s Money Pit (your practice) – Sign up here
    How: And you don’t even have to be a bean counter, just a bean enthusiast!

    Garbage In = Garbage Out. Breaking Bad Habits.

    Stop putting in bad data, end the duplicate client and patient crisis once and for all! If you put in garbage data, you get garbage data. Let’s put an end to this, together and start a trend across the veterinary industry!  It’s a BAD HABIT REVOLUTION! Ammm, I revolution against bad habits. Did I say that correctly? Ok, you get it, as long as we’re on the same page together and on the same team!

    Tuesday, September 17th 2p EST – Sign Up Here.

    Duplicates can be the bain of your existence sometimes. Or, at least it can feel that way. Let’s show you how you can attack duplicates, remove them and stop them from happening again. Too many clicks to get what you want in Hippo? We’ll fix that in a jiffy and set up custom tool bars and menus as well as layouts to help you zoom through your busy day.

    Let’s get your practice on the road to best practices that save you staff time and costly mistakes down the road! 

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    Your practice wallet will THANK YOU after these two webinars. We’ll help you stop losing revenue and prevent costly mistakes in just under 45 minutes total! So, sit back and relax and join our September 2019 free training webinars.


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    When: Tuesday 9/17 2p EST
    Where: Any device, any time – Sign up here
    How: Simultaneously have your Hippo account up on your computer and start removing duplicates and errors, right as we’re hosting!  WOW!

    Start incorporating Telemedicine elements today and FREE UP YOUR TIME!

    Hippo Manager comes out-of-the-box with built-in tools to begin telemedicine at your practice! Achieve better work-life balance with veterinary software that goes where you go and keeps you out of the clinic so you don’t miss another important event.

    Take a look at how these tools can benefit your practice and work-life goals!

    Got questions?  Call or text our team: 877 819 0159

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