Veterinary Software Sneak Peek – shhhh!

    A Veterinary Software SNEAK PEEK!

    Veterinary software sneak peek inside the inner day-to-day functions of Hippo Manager is so helpful because we know learning any kind of new software can be a challenge, adjusting to software updates, or, added features can turn a workday into figuring-it-out day.  Veterinary Practice software can be like that, but at Hippo Manager we’ve made our software simple to use and efficient.  Paired with our unlimited tech support with each contract, and our constantly updated and robust YouTube Channel, learning at your speed has never been easier!

    Take a look inside Hippo Manager and schedule a free demo today so you can see how  “beautiful” and “easy to use” our software is and along with our “simple design” and eye-catching graphics, Hippo Manager veterinary practice is a chosen solution for our hundreds of veterinary practice partners across the United States.

    Hippo Manager How-To Videos On YouTube:

    Adding a new staff member to your practice, but forget how to add a new user to Hippo Manager?  No problem, see the video here.  Need a refresher on managing chart templates?Check out the video here. FAQ’s, your practice Q’s, your staff Q’s, might be covered under this list of how-to videos on Hippo Manager YouTube Channel.  Click here to visit our channel and view the many videos we have posted on popular topics when using Hippo Manager veterinary practice software.

    Here’s one of our more popular videos, “Create Chart Notes”:

    Improving User Experience:

    At Hippo Manager, we’re always updating our software, and improving our user experience so our veterinary practice partners can focus on being efficient in the office or in the field, in the lab or on call.

    As a client of Hippo Manager, if your question can’t be answered by referencing our training documents or, by viewing our YouTube channel, our tech support lines are open M-Sa 8a-8p EST and we’re happy to take your call.  Call 877-819-0159 to find out more about Hippo Manager or try a free demo always, here.

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