Software For Multi-Location Veterinary Clinics


    What are your options with software for multi-location veterinary clinics and practices?  Hippo Manager is one of those options and we don’t charge any unnecessary fees for multiple locations or staff that work between different locations.  At Hippo Manager, we don’t penalize your veterinary practice for growing your clinic and staff so that you can  more efficiently and effectively serve your customers to provide the best possible veterinary care.  Try a free trial, here.

    Hippo Manager is a 5-star rated solution as practice management software for multi-location veterinary clinics across the United States and around the world.  Hippo Manager charges per full time vet.  Not full time vet per location, just full time vet.  We don’t add charges or fees for software at multiple locations nor do we have any restrictions on data access or usability between staff at multiple veterinary practice locations.

    software for multi location veterinary practices
    What about the pricing of software for multi-location veterinary clinics?

    Our pricing is just like our software, simple and efficient. There are no hidden fees, no installation charges and no catch-22 when it comes to multi-location support for veterinary clinics. What about customer service & support for multi-locations veterinary practices?  That’s still unlimited and included as FREE with the price, per month, per vet. Nothing about our prices change if you have one location, a mobile veterinary clinic, 5 or 500 locations.  Still one low price, per month, per vet.

    Multi-location veterinary practices will often need a data migration or conversion to Hippo Manager, we have performed hundreds of these data conversions so that all your previous years of hard work under a different software provider are moved and stored securely within Hippo Manager.  Our data conversion fees are priced per location, and are STILL the most affordable on the practice management software marketplace. Call us for a quote, we’ll work with you! 877-819-1059 ext 1

    A FREE TRIAL for your large or, multi-location veterinary practice is available to EVERYONE who would be using our software for FREE.  We offer unlimited users and customer service and support to all staff and vets at multi-location clinics during the trial, all for free.  Everything about the Hippo Manager FREE TRIAL is risk and obligation free.  All staff and employees will have access to a full version of our practice management software to try for free, just as a paying client would so your multi-location can see how our software can work for your clinic’s multiple locations and staff.  Get your free trial today by clicking here or, calling us, or emailing us: we look forward to showing your practice how well we can work with your multi-location practice.

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