Stripe Payment Processing and Hippo Manager

    Stripe payment processing is a competitive and seamless solution for veterinary practices of all sizes. If your practice is a client of Hippo Manager, Stripe is already at your fingertips and integrating with the payment processing system, couldn’t be easier.

    Hippo Manager is offering new AND existing clients two ADDITIONAL months FREE of Hippo Manager, when the practice chooses to work with Stripe payment processing.  The 2 additional months are valid on top of any existing negotiated terms with Hippo Manager up to a total of 6 months FREE!

    Stripe Payment Processing

    Enjoy SIMPLE and EFFICIENT payment processing with Hippo Manager’s built in Stripe functionality.
    • Save TIME by checking out clients in the exam room! No holding up check-out or other check-ins at reception area
    • Use ANYWHERE or ANYTIME within the Hippo Manager sales register
    • NO set-up or installation fees
    • Get started in MINUTES
    • Perfect for mobile vets IN THE FIELD
    • SWITCH from your current payment processor provider, or, ADD Stripe
    • Go PAPERLESS with Stripe. Process payment immediately, instantaneously email over invoice copy and receipt
    • Save MONEY with Stripe competitive rates
    • Recover lost PROFIT and never miss billing by processing payment IMMEDIATELY

    If your practice is ready to SIMPLIFY your payment processing and increase PROFITABILITY at your practice, follow the steps below to begin your Stripe payment processing integration.  Or, call our Technical Support Department on 877 819 0159 ext 2 email:

    • For EXISTING clients of Hippo Manager (not in free trial mode) – simply click on the “Management” tab and click the icon “Stripe Config”, fill out the brief information and our technical support department will be in touch and get you started. We’ll add your free months onto your contract, automatically.
    • For NEW clients, contact your sales representative to figure out how you can work the best deal with any current offers on the table, plus 2 free months with Stripe integration. Set up your new account with up to 6 months FREE of Hippo Manager cloud PMS.

    We’re looking forward to showing our clients how easy Stripe payment processing can work with any size veterinary practice.  Not yet a client?  Get your FREE trial today, click here!

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