Setting Up A Successful Veterinary Client Callback System


    Learn how to set up a successful client callback system at your veterinary practice using built-in tools in Hippo Manager. It’s important to have a client communications strategy to drive both patient care and profits. There’s a handful of methods to communicate with your veterinary clients, however, the good old fashioned phone, shouldn’t be neglected.

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    Elements of a Successful Callback System

    Settling up a callback system doesn’t need to just include the phone. Sure, “callback” implies you’re calling someone back, but hey, it’s 2019 and communicating with clients needs to go deeper than just the phone. Therefore, we’ve got the elements in Hippo Manager and tips ready to help make that happen!

    Utilize the following elements to complete a well-rounded veterinary client callback system:

    • Callback list – generate the built-in report for reminders and follow-up care
    • Customizable scheduler – manage staff time and workflow by scheduling callback times
    • Quicklinks toolbar – customize the toolbar to get to callback reports in one click
    • 2-way text messaging – don’t just leave a voicemail, have a chat conversation with clients from any mobile device

    Why Use a Veterinary Client Callback System?

    Two main principles of veterinary patient care drive any callback system:

    1. Follow-up care
    2. Appointment reminders

    Implementing a callback system benefits patient care and, if done following the two above principles, a successful callback system will also DRIVE PROFITS.

    So, the four main benefits of using a successful callback system are:

    1. Improved patient care
    2. Increased client loyalty through awesome customer service
    3. More repeat business because of improved appointment compliance
    4. Increased revenue from more repeat business

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    Begin Using Elements Today!

    The veterinary client callback list report

    Utilize the callback list report in Hippo Manager to sort patients and call for reminders or, post-appointment follow-up consultation. Provide excellent customer service and identify possible problems during follow-up care calls with a personalized approach.

    Furthermore, this can be done with both the phone and text messaging. Leave a personalized voicemail and follow-up with a quick text message to the client making sure they know you’re serious about customer service and patient care.



    Customizable scheduler

    Create the scheduler using event types or, staff assignments with dedicated blocks to calling back clients. Run the report in seconds, begin callbacks and leave a voicemail with a personalized message.  Follow-up with a text message to confirm the appointment or, check-in on the patient.

    customizable veterinary software appointment scheduler

    Customize the quick links toolbar

    customizing your quicklinks toolbar

    Any user that needs to complete callbacks as part of their everyday workflow should add the button to the quick links available in every screen of Hippo Manager. No need to go back to the main menu for reports! Drag and drop into the quick links toolbar and run the report in one click! Learn how to customize the quick links toolbar in Hippo, here.

    2-way text messaging

    Callbacks can be “text-backs” too using Zipwhip in Hippo Manager. Click on any number from within the software and a chat box will appear on any device. Setup automated reminders, auto-responses and personally text like chatting with clients directly to their cellphone without a cell phone of your own!

    elements of a successful veterinary client callback system text messaging

    Use 2-way text messaging BETTER than just SMS reminders. Go beyond one-way texts and personalize messages from anywhere without a cellphone! Clients will appreciate the communication paired with a voicemail and realize their pet is in good hands at your practice.

    zipwhip integrated text messaging for veterinary practices

    Start Today!

    It’s so SIMPLE to implement a callback system at your veterinary practice. And even EASIER to make it a successful one with built-in tools in Hippo Manager. Get started for free in Hippo Manager today. Call or text our team and ask any questions about starting and using a veterinary client callback system. We love to empower our veterinary professional friends to thrive.

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