4 Tips to Help Vet Tech Educators


    Undoubtedly, vet tech educators are carefully considering how to ensure students get the rigorous education they need to succeed, while balancing COVID-19 health and safety concerns.

    Hippo Manager has several features and functionality designs specifically to help educators with online learning.  We have four tips for vet tech educators to help your students with coursework related to practice management software.


    1. Let our team help your students get trained on how to use Hippo Manager so you can focus on the curriculum in your program. Use the assignment feature in Hippo Manger’s Online Learning platform to guide your students on how to use the scheduler, patient reserve, SOAP notes, charting templates, inventory reports, and more. Ask our training team for sample online learning plans that might be ideal for your students to review before completing the assignments and coursework you provide. Training is always included at Hippo Manager, so there is no additional cost for you or the student to make use of this resource.
    2. Encourage students to take advantage of our twice monthly, free live webinar sessions. The broader topics can assist in professional development and increase awareness of the issues that are important to peer veterinary hospitals and practices.
    3. Hippo Manager allows you to set up and access multiple locations or hospitals with one log in.  Educators can make use of this great feature by setting up a “student practice environment” and a “student graded environment” so that your students can test their knowledge in a grade-free atmosphere before submitting work for a grade. This helps an educator track graded submissions to increase workflow efficiency as well. The timestamp and tech-specific login credentials also give you insights on each student’s participation within the software. The best part is, this is all included in your subscription, and there is no extra cost to set it up.
    4. Don’t forget: Hippo Manager is a cloud-based practice management software, so veterinary educators, program administrators and students can access it anytime and anywhere with an internet connection. You don’t have to be on campus or in the clinic to access it, and each student and educator has their own log in.

    Educational organizations benefit from discount pricing of $99 per month, per instructor. There is no additional cost per student or for additional users (like receptionist, assistants, etc.) in Hippo Manager, and there are no limits on data usage, so please encourage your students to really work in the software, including with the in-application DICOM viewer. If you need assistance implementing any of these tips, please contact our support team.

    When you sit down to prepare for upcoming semesters, what learning opportunities are you adding or changing in light of COVID-19 health and safety concerns? What tips or lessons learned do you have from teaching vet techs or veterinary students during COVID-19?  Please share with the Hippo Herd at info@hippomanager.com or comment below.


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