Using Built-In Tools For Veterinary Telemedicine

    Looking to begin veterinary telemedicine as part of patient care at your veterinary practice? It’s possible to start today with the built-in tools that exist in Hippo Manager’s veterinary software. Get better work-life balance and incorporate elements without going all-in on telemedicine care. Furthermore, veterinary telemedicine expands the spectrum of patient care, so it overall helps animal health care. However, it can be tricky to start navigating this new-to-many area of any practice.

    We’ll take a look at three reasons to incorporate telehealth at your veterinary practice. As well as how to use four built-in tools in Hippo Manager to get started today.

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    We will look at the built-in tools for practicing veterinary telehealth and how to start incorporating them into your daily practice workflow. Because practicing veterinary telemedicine has many benefits to both the patient and the practice. It’s no secret we’re a huge fan of veterinary work-life balance and the ability to practice from anywhere, certainly helps!

    3 Reasons to Begin Veterinary Telemedicine

    There are three major benefits to beginning telemedicine at your veterinary practice. The reasons to adopt telemedicine as part of your practice offerings are:

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    1. Expanded patient care
    2. Access to a broader client groups
    3. Better work-life balance

    Why Veterinary Telemedicine?

    Expanding patient care capabilities greatly benefit the patient. The ability to conduct follow-up care via video chat is just one example. It’s also valuable to use as a way to identify a serious health risk before an appointment has been made via photo text messaging.

    Similarly, it’s possible to expand client networks geographically by using telemedicine to conduct care from a distance. Telemedicine enables any veterinary professional to travel into a new area for block on-site visits. Furthermore, it’s possible to provide patient follow-up via video text messaging versus in-office appointments.

    “It’s possible to incorporate veterinary telemedicine elements to achieve these three goals. Telehealth doesn’t need to be an all or nothing approach.”

    Conducting veterinary telemedicine can be done from essentially anywhere (with an internet connection). And since Hippo Manager is cloud-based – we incorporate just that. Care from anywhere and most importantly, better work-life balance as a result.

    Let’s take a look at how to start incorporating veterinary telemedicine at any practice. We’ll do this by looking at built-in tools already offered inside Hippo Manager veterinary software.

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    How to Incorporate Telehealth at Your Practice

    It’s easy to quickly expand patient care with telemedicine practices. To keep things simple, we’ll talk about streamlining patient care using telemedicine as a workflow approach versus diagnosing and treating remotely. This way, any practice can start incorporating elements of veterinary telemedicine at any time!

    1. Expanding Patient Care

    Utilizing 2-way text messaging with Zipwhip, it’s possible to use any business phone line to send and receive unlimited photos and videos. Gain trust, loyalty and repeat business by expanding service and communications offerings. This, in turn, leads to boosted profit opportunities!

    • Have a client send a photo before an appointment regarding a medical concern.
    • Request videos of the patient completing the issue or concern at home.
    • Clients can solicit a new appointment easily by texting in a photo asking if they can be seen regarding the issue.
    • Send a photo via texting to the client of the patient in recovery, ease the client’s mind and provide awesome customer service!
    • Use text messaging to complete patient follow-up care.
    • Communicate with clients via texting and video messages, complete patient care outside of the telephone and the practice!

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    Accessing Broader Client Groups

    Think outside the building! Offer care to patients in areas that prevent an in-office visit. Communicate with recorded messages such as video and text messaging and store directly in the patient file. Gain access to a larger group of clients who would otherwise not make the trek to the office. Most importantly, it’s possible to boost profits with this new type of “sales vertical”!

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    Think outside the box or, office.

    A. Utilize Video + Store in the Patient File – UNLIMITED!

    See patients remotely. Conduct simple consultations using any free online recording service. (Both you and your client will need a device with a web camera built in).  Then, easily save to the patient file in Hippo Manager. Saving photos and videos not taken within Hippo Manager is EASY! Upload like you would any image or video to Facebook, for example, but just into the Hippo Manager patient file. Drag and drop, utilizing unlimited data and file storage in Hippo.

    B. Complete Follow-up Care Anywhere

    Expand your veterinary practice geographic area by seeing patients outside of the office. Complete follow-up care and communications back at the office or from anywhere using text messaging. Store all records in the patient file unlimited.

    Request and reconcile labs from anywhere. Review patient CT scans in the 3-panel DICOM viewer built-in to Hippo Manager, visible from anywhere anytime.

    Unlimited data storage (see, unlimited PACS in Hippo Manager) is built so that practices can expand their services or give greater depth to their practice offerings. Upload all file types into Hippo Manager unlimited and free. Therefore, this gives veterinary professionals the power and peace of mind to complete patient care at any level of veterinary service.

    best veterinary practice software hippo manager built-in dicom viewer


    View patient records, labs, and DICOM from anywhere with Hippo Manager!

    C. Provide Client Tools

    The free online patient portal in Hippo Manager allows clients to access their pet files from a secure login on any device. When thinking about veterinary telemedicine think about how clients can “meet you half way”. Don’t assume to take on more responsibility and therefore, all the work incorporating telehealth. Use built-in tools to empower clients to assist in patient care. Your practice controls access to the online patient portal. Clients can review results, charts, appointments, and billing from any device.

    hippo manager veterinary software Patient Portal

    “Don’t assume more of the work by incorporating veterinary telehealth. Use built-in tools to empower clients to assist in patient care.”

    3. Better Work-Life Balance

    Utilize the appointment scheduler to block times specifically for conducting telehealth. Construct your work and home life balance better with an event type that blocks appointments. These appointment types can be dedicated to veterinary telemedicine. Furthermore, conduct care from anywhere with cloud-based Hippo Manager and unlimited file storage. Access patient files, DICOM and lab results on any device.

    better work-life balance for veterinarians family with dog

    Incorporating all the built-in tools in Hippo Manager for telemedicine can provide a better work-life balance. Such as using text messaging from any device (not just a cell phone). Communicate with clients from anywhere, never be tied to the office. Most importantly, when using cloud-based veterinary software, care can be done at any time and anywhere.

    Schedule auto-replies and auto-responses and reminders with Zipwhip. Let technology do the heavy lifting!

    Get peace of mind knowing files can be stored unlimited in Hippo Manager. Empower clients in patient care with access to the online patient portal. Encourage them to print files and records at home, review billing and appointment reminders.

    Built-in Tools to Begin Veterinary Telemedicine TODAY!

    These four tools built-in to Hippo Manager can give the power of veterinary telemedicine to any practice wanting to incorporate telehealth.

    1. Online patient portal
    2. Zipwhip 2-way text messaging
    3. Unlimited data and file storage
    4. Customizable appointment scheduler

    built-in tools for veterinary telemedicine in veterinary software hippo manager

    Achieve better work-life balance and expand patient care. Gain access to otherwise un-reachable client groups. All with using built-in tools available in Hippo Manager. Furthermore, using veterinary telemedicine software like Hippo Manager can boost practice profits in new ways. Similarly, it can provide that break from the office that a lot of veterinary professionals crave in the search for better balance.

    Get started in a FREE TRIAL today and see how these elements in Hippo can go to work for you!

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