Un-Sign Veterinary Charts


    Hippo Manager users can now un-sign veterinary charts with our most recent software update v1.6.6.  Authorized users can easily toggle within a veterinary patient chart to un-sign that chart and make edits and then, re-sign when the chart has been updated.

    And with chart autosaving – we’re just slapping on the convenience over here – we’re a bit slap-happy!! 😂

    Have you ever signed a chart and then realized there has been an accidental omission of information or, a chart update would be nice, or, perhaps things weren’t entered correctly to begin with – ONLY TO BE LOCKED OUT OF THE CHART?

    Not anymore with Hippo Manager!!!

    🎥Watch this short video on our ADDED FUNCTIONALITY and EFFICIENCY UPDATE HERE!🎥

    Who Can Un-Sign Veterinary Charts?

    Authorized signatories (and, always veterinarian doctor user levels) Hippo Manager has added a user access level called “authorized signatory” that can be associated with ANY user role in the veterinary software.  Practice Managers, Techs and more can be added as an authorized signatory to assist in keeping records accurate and increase record compliancy as well as reduce mistakes and margin for error with patient charting.

    un-sign veterinary charts

    Authorized Signatory level allows for:

    Convenience with ADDED SECURITY.

    There are NO CHANGES to current user levels and access levels for veterinarians, DVM and VMDs.  Vets can always sign and now, un-sign charts. If you are the veterinarian that signed the chart, you can un-sign and re-sign as needed.  If you are NOT the veterinarian who signed the chart, you cannot un-sign or, access that chart, the veterinarian who signed that chart, must un-sign it however, any doctor or “authorized signatory” level can then, re-sign the chart.

    If you have a user that is not a veterinarian, doctor type, you can add “authorized signatory” to that user access to aid in workflow and improve efficiencies when it comes to updating veterinary patient charts.

    Toggle the chart signing to un-sign veterinary charts.

    edit veterinary charts

    Unsigned chart on widget, greyed out

    Un-sign the chart is only visible to the person who signed the chart.

    ***Learn more about our SAFE & SECURE user access, how to set up user levels at your veterinary practice, best-practices for security and protecting your records and more, here.

    Updating Veterinary Charts is SO EASY 🙌🏼

    Un-sign veterinary charts and re-sign veterinary charts until you’re satisfied with your records and have achieved the highest level of record compliancy. Our veterinary software offers so much flexibility (combined with safety and security) when it comes to signing veterinary patient charts.



    Here’s a quick summary of our software update allowing users to un-sign veterinary charts:

    • Veterinarian doctor levels have built-in ability to sign and un-sign charts – no changes are needed.
    • Users who are not veterinarian levels may be granted the ability to sign and un-sign charts by adding the “authorized signatory” access level to their account.
    • The user who signed the chart is the only one who can un-sign the chart.
    • Any user with doctor level or “authorized signatory” access may re-sign a chart or sign a chart if that chart is open.
    • Granting access and adding “authorized signatory” to any levels outside of veterinarian must be done manually in the user access area of Hippo Manager.

    Adding the ability to un-sign veterinary charts will:

    Decrease Margin For Error


    Reduce Multiple Patient Chart Records

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