USDA APHIS Travel Sheet for Pets in Hippo Manager


    USDA APHIS Travel Sheet for Pets is now available for our partner veterinary practices in Hippo Manager.  When traveling with pets internationally or, domestically in the United States, documentation in the form of a USDA APHIS travel form or, sheet is required from your veterinarian. The form establishes the health status of the pet and clears the owners for lawful travel within or, outside the United States with their pet.

    View the new USDA APHIS travel sheet for pets:

    For our veterinary practice partners, please view the video below, or click here to locate the NEW USDA APHIS travel sheet for your clients and patients.

    USDA APHIS travel sheet for pets

    Hippo Manager software update v1.4.15 includes a new prescription label layout in companion to the USDA APHIS travel sheet for pets.  For details on the prescription label, please click here to view the update and modified label making prescription and practice information easily identifiable.

    For any questions regarding a Hippo Manager update or, for assistance with the USDA APHIS travel sheet for pets in our veterinary practice management software, please contact our training and support department: or,

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