v1.7 Medications Widget Upgrade + More


    Hippo Manager releases v1.7 that includes medications widget upgrade, greater iPad and tablet functionality and more.  The major update includes a total overhaul of the medications widget indicated by the completely new icon located in the choose action screen and in the charting screen of Hippo Manager.

    We’ve researched best practices and listened to our greatest assets, our partner practices, to bring continuously improving veterinary software to the industry that’s focused on providing excellent patient care alongside opportunities to find more PROFITS for your Practice POCKET.

    Medications Widget Upgrade – What’s New?

    Everything!  You’ll notice a brand new icon and behind that major user-ability updates and greater flexibility within the widget. Download the Quick Start Guide, here.

    Adding and dispensing medications has been made easier from the choose action screen, charting screen and even in the point of sale during check out.  Additional editing buttons have been added inside the medications screen to give greater control over signing and un-signing medications, printing labels, adding medication description, quantity, dosage amount and refills.

    Inventory is automatically updated and a medications log unique to the patient and their medications lists all changes made and users can see within the patient profile the entire medications history to check for users making edits and prescription changes.

    The Medications Log

    Easily see who has made changes and what changes have been made to a patient’s medication. Detailed information provides an in-depth look at who made changes and what those changes were to the dosage, refill status and more.

    medications widget upgrade - medications log

    MORE Editing Buttons!

    Within the medications widget you will notice more buttons at the bottom of the “popover” screen that no longer navigates you away from the screen you were working in.

    Invoicing is a BREEZE

    Add to an existing invoice or a new invoice. Select from a drop down offering all options to help keep billing and accounting as neat and understandable as possible.

    The Medications Widget Upgrade will enhance your veterinary practice workflow and make medications and controlling the refills and dispensations so much easier!

    We’re here to help our partner practices get the most out of this major upgrade so we’ve launched many resources to assist as it suits your availability.  Take advantage of one or all of our learning opportunities for the new medications widget upgrade.

    All resources are included free with Hippo Manager subscriptions, offering unlimited support and training and access for every veterinary practice partner and all staff members.

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    Greater iPad & Tablet Functionality



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