Managing Veterinary Practice Multi-Location User Security

    Operating multiple practice locations can get complicated but managing multi-location user security within your PiMS, doesn’t have to be!  Hippo Manager has built-in user security functionalities that make it SIMPLE to control access by location and by user level.



    How to Manage Veterinary Practice Multi-Location User Security

    It’s easy to restrict user access by location and by role. Only superusers can adjust user levels and roles as warranted by the specific practice needs.

    managing multi-location user security login screenHippo Manager users can select a location when logging in. Only locations users have access to will be visible to select at login.

    multi-location user security select location screen1. Control Access for Specific Locations

    Non-sensitive information such as schedules and other items can be viewed at other location while in the scheduler for example. However, edits and adjustments to other locations can’t be done without specific access to that location. This ensures stronger user security and control.

    Drill down to specific job duties and give users access to edit or, not! Users can still view multi-location schedules, but cannot edit or perform specific location functions if access is restricted. Similarly, users cannot view areas they are restricted from if that data is sensitive such as financial data.

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    2. Easily Switch Between Locations

    Without logging out! At the top right of the menu bar and option will always be present to toggle between locations. Multi-unit veterinary practice user security will only show locations the user can access. Disable access to the different multi-units user by user.

    veterinary practice multi-location user security multi-unit toggle

    3. EASILY Adjust User Levels within Administration

    Superusers can select location access for every user. Furthermore, it is possible to select specific access types for each user. This is important for many reasons, not just compliance. So, let’s cover some veterinary practice user security best practices again.

    multi-unit user security select user level screenManaging Multi-Location User Security – Best Practices

    Just a friendly reminder…

    It’s important to follow some best-practice tips with user security to ensure data privacy. Ensuring veterinary software compliance should be at the top of every practice list.

    • Use unique usernames and secure passwords for EVERY user! Yes, stop sharing logins … (you know who you are).
      • Your veterinary practice doesn’t have to have a fancy email to ensure better user security.
      • It’s easy to set up a unique Gmail address for users and keep control of them. Using Google business can be a very cost-effective solution. Especially if your veterinary practice doesn’t have the ability to set up emails through your website domain.
    • Assign the appropriate user level status to each user.
      • User levels are there for a reason! Use them to control access to sensitive areas of your veterinary practice data and records. Enable correct medical practices with authorized signatories. Have administration be a center point of control. Both are great examples of why user levels are important at every veterinary practice.
      • User levels can assist in compliance. Controlled substances, records, patient information, just to name a few. Users with the right access to the right areas can only access those areas, DECREASING COSTLY MISTAKES!
      • Anytime assistance is needed with user access and levels, Hippo Manager support can help! Touch base with the Hippo Manager support team to edit, alter and pull record information of specific user data.

    Download the guide to user security settings and assigning user levels, here. (Requires Litmos access, free for partner practices)

    Got questions?

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