Easy Access to Patient Alerts and Allergies

    Easily access patient alerts and allergies in the patient reserve area at the top of the screen in Hippo Manager veterinary software.  Hippo Manager has added two noticeable icons to the top right corner of the patient reserve area to allow immediate identification of a patient with an alert or, an allergy.

    Patient Alerts & Allergies – Now Located in the Patient Reserve!

    Adding the allergy and alerts to the patient reserve area is an upgraded feature, enabling users to reduce clicks and save time while operating in our practice management software.  The allergy and alert widgets will always remain present in the home or “Choose Action” screen, and will contain the exact same information as the smaller icons in the patient reserve area.  Quickly identify if a patient has an alert (ex: dog bites) or, an allergy (ex: latex gloves) before the patient exam, during check-in, or, while performing the exam.

    WATCH the video:  Easily access patient alerts & allergies:

    Out software helps our practice partners focus on EXCELLENT patient care.  We want our veterinary practice clients and their staff to have all patient information at their fingertips ready to be accessed to give the best care possible to owners and their pets.

    The icons have been added to the patient reserve section which acts as a header to all pages while working in our veterinary software.  Easily locate, identify and add any allergy or alert to the patient record from any screen inside Hippo Manager while working on charts, billing, inventory etc… Simply click the allergy icon in the patient reserve (it is the same as the allergy widget icon) to check for current allergies or, update the allergies of that patient.  The icon will appear RED in color if there is an allergy present for that patient.  If there is no allergy present, the icon will remain “greyed” out.

    To add an alert to a patient record, click on the alert icon in the patient reserve area to add patient alerts, the icon will now appear red in color.  The information will update the entire patient record and the same information will be accessible and recorded in the main homepage “Choose Action” screen of Hippo Manager, if selecting the larger patient alert icon in that location of the software.

    Patient alerts and allergies are a highly utilized feature in our software and thus has been pushed to the forefront of patient care so that our veterinary partners can identify a patient and move forward fast with correct patient care.  Decrease patient and client errors, increase efficiency and more with Hippo Manager.

    If your veterinary practice has questions on this new feature in our cloud software, our training and support department can be reached M-Sa 8a-8pEST training@hippomanager.com or support@hippomanager.com schedule your FREE one-on-one training session today to get caught up to speed and get the MOST out of Hippo Manager as your veterinary practice software partner.

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