Vet Software Feature Updates – Cage Cards, Labels & More!

    Hippo Manager vet software has released feature updates that include cage cards, labels and more accessible immediately through our cloud technology to all veterinary practice patients.


    Our most recent release has enabled the ability for cage cards to be produced and automatically generated using patient profile information. Cage cards in Hippo Manager assist practice technicians and staff in providing efficient care of pets increasing safety and precautions by immediately accessing patient data at a glance, located directly on the cage.  Before and after veterinary procedures such as surgery or for boarding, cage cards generated by veterinary software increase business efficiencies at Hippo Manager veterinary practice client operations.

    veterinary software cage card

    Easily download and save or print cage cards for patients in Hippo Manager veterinary software.  Our veterinary software upgrades focus on efficiency and simplicity in improving staff functions and best practices aiming for “lowest click count” while ensuring data integrity.

    Learn how to access, generate and create cage cards in Hippo Manager with our most recent feature upgrade, click below to watch the short video.  ——>

    Veterinary Software Cage Cards

    It’s important to note that the Cage Card has “Alerts” printed on it. In some instances the Cage Card can be a customer facing document, such as visitation of hospitalized pets or boarding instances. Most of the time, it is not, but, in special circumstances it may be. It may also be a document that is seen by hospital staff that doesn’t have access to the computer system typically such as kennel help, groomers or facility maintenance.  It’d good to keep these features of the cage card from Hippo Manager in mind at your veterinary practice.


    For all client communications including reminder cards, envelope mailings and more, Hippo Manager has enabled mailing labels for downloading and saving as well as printing for all practice clients.

    Learn how to quickly and easily access and print client mailing labels, watch the short video by clicking below.  —–>

    veterinary software printing mailing labels

    For questions related to any feature updates, included upgrades that are, as always, immediately accessible to all Hippo Manager clients, please email our training and support department on or

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