Veterinary Software for Canadian Practices


    Hippo Manager practice management solution is already used by many as a veterinary software for Canadian practices, not just around the US.  With US based support, French translation on custom forms and reports and global payment processing, Hippo Manager proves to be an efficient, affordable and simple solution for veterinary clinics based across Canada.

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    Hippo Manager offers dedicated territory specialists and representatives for the Canadian veterinary software market.  Our offices are based in the US and our technical support and customer service team is too.

    Veterinary Software for Canadian Practices that’s cloud based and secure, combined with competitive affordability is something Hippo Manager continues to offer as a premium provider of practice management software increasing staff efficiencies and profitability.

    Veterinary Software for Canadian Practices

    For only $160 CAD per vet, per month, Canadian veterinary practices can obtain secure, safe cloud based practice management software through Hippo Manager and avoid any extra costly overhead or hidden costs.  Hippo Manager is out of the box ready to go for your Canada based practice.  Practices can get started in under 5 minutes with Hippo Manager, our software works with any device, laptop, desktop, tablet, anything with internet connection and Google Chrome browser.

    $160 CAD per month per vet includes unlimited support, data storage, patients and users.  There are never any other charges.  Your price only changes if another full time vet is added to your practice. One vet and five staff is still only $160 CAD per month.

    If you’re a veterinary practice, big or small, mobile or specialty, you can try Hippo Manager veterinary software alongside your current provider free of charge.  We offer a 24/7 FREE trial with no payment information or, obligations.  Get to know our team and our software and see how we’ve become a solution for many veterinary clinics in Canada and around the globe.  Give us a call today 877-819-0159 to talk one of our team members and get your free trial started the same day.

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